Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

We've been on a roll with our Easter activities. This morning, we did the Easter egg scavenger hunt. I thought I'd share the clues/questions I made up in case anyone was looking for inspiration. I put two M&Ms in each egg: one for Lucy, one for Lena (who thought this was the best game ever!).

  1. Why did Jesus die for us?
    1. To take away our sin and make our hearts clean.
Clue: Jesus made our hearts clean. Where do we go when we need to get our bodies clean? [shower]

  1. How did he die?
    1. On the cross
Clue: The cross was made from wood. Where do we keep our wood for the fire? [fireplace/wood pile]

  1. What did they put in his hands?
    1. Nails
Clue: The soldiers pounded the nails in with hammers. Where do we keep our hammer and nails? [toolbox]

  1. Where did they put Jesus after he died?
    1. In the tomb.
Clue: Where do we put wet clothes to make them dry? [dryer – discuss how it looks like a tomb]

  1. How long was Jesus in the tomb?
    1. 3 days
Clue: Find something with a big number 3 on it. [cut out a big 3 and tape to a cupboard]

  1. What happened on the third day?
    1. He came back to life!
Clue: Food helps us stay alive. Where do we keep our food? [fridge]

  1. What did the angel tell the women who came to see Jesus’s body?
    1. He is not here; he has risen!
Clue: That’s our Bible verse for the week. Where do we write our Bible verse? [chalkboard – there’s a tray for chalk where I put the egg]

  1. Where is Jesus now?
    1. In Heaven . . . and in my heart (salvation discussion)
Clue: We learn about Heaven in the Bible. Where do we keep our Bibles? [shelf]

Stay tuned to read about the other Easter activities we did this week (and hear about the one someone else surprised us with!) in the Saturday 7. 

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  1. loved this! did you do it on your own? like think of the idea? I love it! well done mama!


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