Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Easter Plan

A week ago I came across this post from the Happy Home Fairy about doing 20 activities in countdown to Easter. I had grand intentions of doing all of them, but got distracted and haven't done one yet. So today I sat down and created a plan for our Easter lessons. I figured I'd share them ahead of time instead of after the fact like I usually do in case anyone else is looking for inspiration.

These are almost all ideas from Pinterest, so I'll do my best to include links as possible. 

Over the next few days we're going to focus on reviewing the story. We'll read it in our Bible Storybooks, watch our Veggie Tales Easter video, and watch this clip I found online. We also have this book:

Also in the next day or two, we're going to work on making this:
I can't find the source for this. The image on Pinterest doesn't direct to anywhere. But there are instructions written below the pin: Use potting soil, a tiny buried flower pot for the tomb, shade grass seed, and crosses made from twigs. Sprinkle grass seed generously on top of dirt, keep moistened using a spray water bottle. Spritz it several times a day. Set it in a warm sunny location. Sprouts in 7-10 days.

Then next week we're going to make a sign to hang in the window that says "He is Risen!" (idea credit), we're going to "Egg" some of our friends' houses, and we're going to do a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was another idea from pinterest that had a broken link, but it inspired me enough to come up with my own. I'm going to hide eggs with candy throughout the house and give Lucy clues to find them. To get each clue, though, she'll have to answer a question. Here are the questions I have so far:

  1. Why did Jesus die for us?
    1. To take away our sin and make our hearts clean.
  2. Where did they put Jesus after he died?
    1. In the tomb.
  3. How long was Jesus in the tomb?
    1. 3 days
  4. What happened on the third day?
    1. He came back to life!
  5. Where is Jesus now?
    1. In Heaven . . . and in my heart (salvation discussion)
I might try and correspond the scavenger hunt clue with the answer. Like "Where did they put Jesus after he died?" will lead to the dryer (it's kind of tomb-ish, don't you think?). And the clue would say something like, "It's where wet clothes go to get hot. It looks like a tomb, but it is not." Haha - that was off the top of my head. You get the idea.

Then the night before Easter, we're going to do this awesome idea to illustrate how God takes our sin and replaces it with blessings. 

And Easter morning we will try, once again, to make resurrection rolls. I've done this the past two years and my marshmallows always ooze out of the crescent rolls, but they taste good regardless. :-) 

So there's the plan. I'll report back with how well I stick with it. :-) 

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