Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Saturday 7

1.Last Saturday was our small group Halloween party. We all dress up, show off our costumes for 10 minutes, then change into comfy clothes to eat delicious food and play hilarious games. But I go all out for those 10 minutes that I'm going to be in costume. This year, I worked off of a wardrobe piece I already own: my jailbreak dress. I looked up some images of the hamburglar online and thrift shopped for the rest of the pieces. Justin is not a big fan of costumes, so I tried to think of something McDonald's related that wasn't quite as ostentatious as Ronald McDonald himself. He ended up as a McDonald's worker protesting for higher wages.
Lucy painted the "M." And it says "Not lovin' it" in black on the side. Just didn't show up in the picture.

2. We got some bad news about our house sale this week. We were originally supposed to close this coming Monday (the 27th), but the buyers have had some trouble with their financing, and the title company is running behind, so it will probably be 3 more weeks until we close. C'mon! Let's get this done!

3. Here's the depression update: Thanks to the slow-poke pharmacy, I didn't start taking my new pills until Monday. Last night and this morning I started to feel a little nauseous, dizzy, and shaky - classic withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, since I went directly from one pill to another, it's been pretty mild. And I've felt good all afternoon/evening. Hopefully that's it for the withdrawals. And hopefully the new pills start helping with the depression soon. I did great all week until Thursday. Of course. I tried thinking about the good, I tried getting out of the house and doing stuff, but it didn't really help. I'm sorry to anyone who had the misfortune of crossing my path Thursday evening. :-/

4. So it's been 2 weeks now of majorly limiting my Dr Pepper intake. I generally don't drink any during the week, and limit myself to small amounts when we go out to eat on the weekend. I've also been eating Lean Cuisines for lunch, majorly cutting back on snacking, and replacing my Dr Pepper with 0 calorie sparkling water. And I have not lost one pound. I do not understand how I can cut out so many calories by getting rid of Dr Pepper and not lose a single pound. I was seriously drinking upwards of 30 oz. a day of Dr Pepper. That's 380 calories removed from my diet every day and no change to show for it!! Grrr. I'm still trying to keep at it, and I'm honestly not missing it that much,(which can only be an act of God), but I'm getting discouraged!

5. After my rough day on Thursday, I took Friday to myself. (Justin has Fridays off) I got my eyebrows and mustache waxed, then literally spent 3 hours at Once Upon a Child. I looked at every piece of clothing in my girls' sizes, sifted through every single book in the book section, looked at all the toys, DVDs, shoes, everything. It. Was. Glorious. And I got my girls some really cute stuff. Shopping for girls is so much fun.
Although, I'm totally not a shopper. I was exhausted afterward and didn't even bother going to Target or Meijer or any of the other stops I had previously planned on. Haha.

6. When Lucy was a baby, I started a tradition of thanking Jesus for her body parts as I slathered lotion on them after a bath. For instance, "Thank you, Jesus, for my legs, to run and walk and kick. . . Thank you, Jesus, for my arms to hold things and give hugs and draw pictures, etc." I've continued the tradition with Lena and always wrap up with, "Thank you Jesus that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And soooo beautiful." This week, Lucy's Cubbies verse was Psalm 139:14, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." One night at dinner Lucy recited her verse and Lena added from her high chair, "And soooo bootiful." I didn't even realize she was listening to Lucy's recitation - or that she made the connection between the verse and what I tell her at bath time. Amazing!

7. This afternoon, I got to go wedding dress shopping with my sisters and my future sister-in-law. It makes me want to renew my vows or something, so I have an excuse to wear one of those beautiful dresses. When I got married, I wanted the plainest, simplest gown possible and ended up with just that. It was so boring. I want to do it again with some lace or pearls or some kind of fun feature. Esther ended up with a beautiful dress that is perfect for her, and I can't wait to see her walking down the aisle in it!!

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  1. The internet ate my comment :( Take two:

    1. You always have the best costumes!

    4. Boo. I hope the missing calories catch up with you soon.

    6. That is SO sweet. Love love love it.

    7. I know, right?? I'm mad at the world for not having Pinterest when I got married. So not fair. I demand a do over.


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