Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. I made a yummy new recipe this week: chicken enchilada soup. The weather has turned nasty - cold and snowy, so soup seemed appropriate. It's an easy crockpot meal - one that Lucy was able to help with. It mostly required opening cans of beans and corn and cream of chicken soup and dumping them in. My kind of cooking! My dad and Luke thought the soup needed more heat, so they added hot sauce. I thought it was perfect as is. Justin put sour cream in his. Deliciousness all around!

2. Good news everyone: I think the new depression meds are really working! I've been feeling so much more even-keel lately. I've been much less irritable, too, which everyone is benefiting from. Haha.

3. Are you all getting excited for Christmas?!?! I've been scouring the Black Friday ads and making lists all week. But as I've been marking things down, I've noticed a huge disparity between my girls. Lucy is easy to shop for. She has many obsessions and interests. Lena, however, is more difficult. She's happy with all Lucy's old toys, and doesn't have any major interests. I know by this age, Lucy was obsessed with Elmo and Dora. Lena doesn't watch much TV (not because I'm such a good parent, just because she's not interested - haha). Do you any of you have kids Lena's age? (Almost 2) Any suggestions?

4. Speaking of Christmas . . . next week is National Collection Week for Samaritan's Purse "Operation Christmas Child." I've been filling a shoebox for as long as I can remember, but I love that Lucy's getting old enough now to really understand it. I told her that we're buying toys for a little girl who doesn't have very many toys and we headed off to Dollar Tree. I have a guilt complex about how much my kids have and how little these kids in 3rd world countries have, so I let Lucy go a little crazy picking out toys. We couldn't even fit them all in the shoebox when we got home. Haha. Anyway, it's an awesome ministry. Check it out!

5. Lucy drew this picture for me this week. I did not use the reverse camera. This is literally what it looks like. Normal right?
Mom Dad i Love You - all backwards
6. So here's the bad news of the week: It doesn't look like our house sale is going to go through. :-( Our realtor called yesterday and said that the buyers' financing fell through. They're scrambling to come up with a down payment so they can do an FHA loan instead of Rural Development, but the realtor didn't sound super hopeful about that and recommended that we re-list it. Sigh. We really had big plans for that money. I desperately need a new vehicle. My van doesn't have heat, so now that it's wicked cold we're pretty much stranded at home. It doesn't matter how much medication I take. If I'm stuck at home all winter I am going to go cray-cray! Plus, we really can't afford to keep making the house payment. I have no idea where that money's going to come from. But we can't just let it go into foreclosure. We have to profit from the sale! Oy. Please just pray that we can get another buyer with lots of money who wants a quick sale! (And who won't be scared away by the ridiculously steep driveway in the dead of winter . . .)

7. I can't think of a seventh. Go read my book review from this week or the recap of our 9th week of preschool. Or just enjoy this cute picture of Lena:

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