Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy went to the dentist for the first time this week. She's on medicaid and I'm having a terrible time finding a dentist that takes it, so I decided just to bring her to my dentist for her first trip. 20 minutes, one toothbrush, and $150 later, we left. Un-freaking-believable. They hardly even did anything. Brushed her teeth, flossed between the 6 teeth in her mouth that actually touch each other, declared her free of plaque and cavities, and brushed on some fluoride. Oy. I'm going to get more serious about finding somewhere that will take her insurance next time. She did great, though. Followed directions, sat still, opened her mouth wide, and looked adorable:

2. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with my family. Earlier in the week, I had everyone trace their hand and get it to me, so Lucy and I could make these cute place-cards:

We had way too much delicious food, including these hilarious Pinterest fails:

I even made a homemade Chocolate Chess Pie. Don't ask me why it's called that. I just followed the recipe. Delicioso!

3. After eating, cleaning up, and playing some cards, my mom, Niki, and I headed out for our yearly tradition of Black "Friday" shopping. We got to Wal-Mart at 5:30 and all found a spot to stand and wait 'til 6:00. I had my hand on the thing I wanted, but I still get nervous that someone's going to trample me and steal it out of my hand. You never know at Wal-Mart. Haha. We all got what we wanted, though! I got some killer deals and am pretty much done shopping for my girls now.

4. Friday morning, I had one more thing I wanted to get from Meijer, so I took Lena with me at 7:30 when she woke up. We got some more deals at Meijer and were almost home when I heard her making this weird gagging/coughing noise. I looked back at her just in time to see puke spewing out of her mouth. I pulled over and cleaned her up and she was fine by the time we got home. But when Lucy puked at 11:30, I knew we were in for a long day. Lena didn't puke again, but proceeded to have diarrhea all day long. And Lucy ended up puking somewhere around 6 times. She eventually just started walking around the house with the puke bucket under her chin. Poor kiddos.

5. Today is the one day a year that I work outside of the home. My sisters and I help out at our cousin's family owned business every Saturday after Thanksgiving so they can have their family day. So of course I came down with the flu last night. I slept on the couch all night so I'd be closer to the bathroom, but I never made use of it. So despite my horrendous stomach cramping/nausea, I went to the store as scheduled this morning. I made it 2.5 hours before giving up and coming back home. I was absolutely miserable and figured I probably shouldn't be infecting the customers anyway. I slept most of the afternoon and woke up feeling less nauseous but aching literally from head to toe. My ribs hurt. My fingers hurt. My toes hurt. My skin hurts. I've never had the body aches like this. I ate a plain bagel and the nausea immediately returned. At this point, I'd really welcome some puking just to get all the nastiness out of my stomach. Let me just take this time to applaud all of you brave women who deal with morning sickness. I was never sick with my girls and don't think I'd ever get pregnant again if I knew I'd feel like this for weeks on end!!

6. My brother is getting married one week from today! I'm missing his fiancee's bachelorette party tonight so I don't infect the wedding party. :-( But I'm trying to think positively: at least we all got sick a week before the wedding and not the day of. (Although please pray that Luke and Esther don't get it!) And hopefully I'll end up losing some weight and look skinny in the wedding pictures. ;-)

7. I've been asking Lucy every day in November what she's thankful for. She thought up some heartfelt and some hilarious answers. (And I got an awesome chalk pen that made my chalkboard writing look so cool!)
Can you tell which one got added on Thanksgiving day when a certain person noticed his name wasn't listed among the things/people Lucy is thankful for?

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