Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. We got the news this week that the original couple who wanted to buy our house is getting her mom to buy it instead. So we're back on track to sell it! We signed the paperwork yesterday, so hopefully we can close before Christmas!

2. It has been an awful, snow-filled week. We broke the record for the month of November, and it's not even over yet! Since my van doesn't have heat and doesn't handle very well in the snow, we stayed home most of the week. Two words: cabin fever. Although I actually did surprisingly well on the depression front - another sign the new meds are working. I kept busy cleaning the house and doing craft projects with the girls. We even broke out the play-doh, which is not one of my favorites. Haha.

3. It's also been a rough sleep week around here. Lena has been randomly waking up and screaming for [what seems like] hours. One night, she got up around 12:30 am and I tried everything I could think of to get her back to sleep but nothing was working. I finally brought her downstairs to watch TV so Justin and Lucy could sleep and she still didn't fall asleep. When Justin got up for work at 4:45, I put her in bed and made her scream until she fell asleep. It hasn't been that bad since then, but she's still waking up screaming most nights. I don't think she's in pain or scared. Usually she's just crying to go downstairs or to get in bed with me. I really hope it's just a phase!!

4. My brother is getting married 2 weeks from today, but he's moving out in a week. I'm undoubtedly going to miss him, but when he leaves we're taking over his bedroom! Right now, Lena still sleeps in a pack n' play a foot away from our bed (which probably contributes to waking up and wanting to sleep with us). But once Luke is gone, we're taking his room downstairs and the girls will each have their own rooms upstairs! Plus, we're going to get our queen sized bed out of storage and upgrade from the full we've been sleeping on for the past two years! (Our queen wouldn't fit up the stairs.) I bought a new bedspread for the occasion. Isn't it pretty?

That's another reason Lena needs to start sleeping better. I'm not climbing up the stairs a thousand times in the middle of the night to tend to her.

5. This week in school, we talked about Native Americans. At the end of the week I made a "Venn Diagram" to illustrate the differences and similarities between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. I asked Lucy what some of the differences were and she said, "The Pilgrims wore dresses and pants and shirts. And the Native Americans just wore undies and those weird little skirt things." Haha. I shouldn't be surprised that their wardrobe choices made such an impression on her. We also read this book about Squanto. It was awesome. I had no idea he was sold into slavery. It's a testament to God's grace that he (Squanto) was willing to help the white people who came to his land after all the white people had done to him.

6. Lena has really started singing lately. I posted a video to facebook of her singing "Let it Go." She's such a ham. But at night, when I sing to her while we rock, she sings along with me and it totally melts my heart. I love hearing her sing, "I don't have to be afraid in the night or in the day; when I sleep my God's awake. He's watching ooooover me." (Bonus points if you're not my sibling and you know what that song is from!)

7. Yesterday was the first day it wasn't blizzarding outside, so we had our friends over after a long week cooped up at home. One of our friends is putting together a collection for the troops stationed overseas and we all agreed to chip in with some supplies. We wanted to involve our kids a little, so we all got together yesterday to have the kids make cards and put the supplies in boxes. I love our kids.
Making cards

The big girls posing after doing each other's make-up. Haha.

The littles cheesing it up. Harper is 21 months. Liam is 17 months. Lena is 22 months. 

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