Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. Last Saturday, Lena found a baseball bat and insisted she wanted to play baseball with me. I tried to convince her that Daddy is better at baseball, but she only wanted me. So we did our best! As my mom said, it was the blind leading the blind. Lol. But Lena was so adorable.
Have I mentioned that she dresses herself? Lol.
 She actually hit the ball a few times. The first time, we were both so surprised! I was exclaiming, "You did it! Way to go!" And she didn't even know what to do with her excitement. She finally said, "I want to hug you!" Lol. We hugged it out every time she hit the ball after that. (Which wasn't very often. Haha.)

While we were outside, Justin was pacing with poor reflux-y Levi. They finally ended up like this:
2. We had a lovely Easter. The girls and I did Happy Home Fairy's Easter egg hunt/Easter story on Thursday to drive home the real meaning of Easter. Then Sunday morning we made resurrection rolls as has become our tradition. I always try to explain that the marshmallow represents Jesus and it disappears in the oven/tomb just like Jesus was no longer in the tomb. To which Lena replied, "We gonna eat Jesus?" Lol. Teaching her about communion at a young age? Saturday night, I pulled double duty as both the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I'm no fun and have not taught my kids to believe in either, so I couldn't resist the timing, and had to make this sign:

They do still get the perks that go along with the fictional characters. Lucy got $2 for her first tooth and the girls each got an Easter Basket.
I cut way back on the candy this year since we still have candy left over from Halloween! They just got cheap dollar store kites, bubbles, Peeps, a couple small (less than $5) toys, and some Skittles. And since Levi is 4 weeks old, and a third child, he got nothing. Lol.

We went to church decked out in our Easter finery (well, the kids did. I don't fit in anything and Justin dressed down since I dressed down).

Then we came back home to spend the day with my family. My nephews have become serious card-game addicts. We've always been a big card playing family, so it's fun that they're old enough to play well and be some serious competition! We played 6 Person Euchre and Hearts all afternoon. Love it!

3. We got into the doctor on Monday and had the ultrasound on Tuesday to check for pyloric stenosis. I realized that I have a problem when I was so disappointed to see a sign in the u/s room that said, "No photography." My child was having a medical procedure and I was annoyed that I couldn't take a picture to document it! Haha. (In case you missed it, Levi's health recap is in his one month update.) While we were downtown at the children's hospital, we decided to hop over to Justin's grandparents' house. Grandpa got to meet Levi for the first time and Grandma got us into Frederik Meijer Gardens with her membership so we could see the butterflies.

I'm always thankful that Grandma gets us in for free because my kids are not appreciative of the exhibits. Haha. The conservatory with the butterflies is a tropical environment - very hot and humid. Lucy about lost her mind. It was also very busy. Justin and I tried to linger and look at everything, but the girls just wanted to march through once and be done. Then Lena wanted to go outside to the children's garden, but Lucy did not.

Her bad attitude drives me crazy. Where have I gone wrong with my children that they think it's ok to act like this when they don't get their way??

4. So after 3 full days on the Zantac, I do think it's doing its job . . . for the most part. Levi has had hardly had any pained-screaming fits since we started, but seems to be puking just as much. Somehow I hope he'll continue to gain weight despite the frequent regurgitation. He has his one month well-child on Monday. I doubt he'll have gained much in one week, but we'll see!

5. Lucy is doing so amazing with reading lately. She has just taken off and gained so much confidence. She's even started reading our nightly devotion for us at dinner time. I'm amazed at how fluidly she reads. She doesn't have to stop and sound things out. She doesn't stumble over words. She reads as if she's been doing it her whole life! She's even started to pick up a couple chapter books here and there. She is so proud of herself and loves to tell people that she can read chapter books. It's adorable.

6. My sweet Lena has been a bit of a terror this week. She's 3 now, and really testing the limits. Yesterday when it was time to pick Lucy up from school I had to wake Lena up from her nap. She's a bear to put to bed and a bear to wake up. Yesterday she refused to get out of her crib, so I had to physically haul her - which is getting difficult as she gets bigger and I remain a weakling. I carried her down the stairs kicking and screaming, and the second I let go of her she took off running. I ended up carrying her to the car kicking and screaming and literally pinning her down with my knee so I could get her buckled into her carseat. She has never been so naughty in her life. Fortunately she can't unbuckle herself or we would've had a whole new host of problems. She received some harsh punishments last night and I was feeling pretty defeated. I know all I can do is be consistent, follow through on my threats, and try to explain to her why her behavior was inappropriate, but I feel like I should have some magic "words of grace" or something like all the new books I've been reading. I should know just how to weave Jesus into these instances and make her want to obey. Get to the heart issue instead of the behavior issue. But I've got nothing!
Can you believe that sweet face has the potential for so much mischief?!
7. Justin bought a new kayak through Bass Pro shops online, but surprisingly enough, they wouldn't ship it to our house. Haha. So he made plans to drive to Auburn Hills (about 2.5 hours from here) and pick it up today. After the past few rough days with Lena, he knew I could use a break and offered to take the girls with him. I was hesitant about either of them handling that long of a road trip, but when he asked if they wanted to go, they were totally thrilled about it. Lucy is 100% my child and took great delight in planning what they need to pack, making lists, and checking things off. She couldn't even sleep last night because she was so excited. Haha. Imagine how she'll feel if we ever go on a real vacation! They left this morning at ten armed with Leap Pads, books on tape, and snacks galore. Justin texted me at 12:45 that they were almost there after a couple pit stops and everyone was doing well. He texted me again at 3 that they had to strap the kayak to the car, then they were headed home. I haven't heard anything since then, which I'm hoping is a good sign. Lol. Of course, I'm extremely anxious because we're having a minor snow storm today - in stinkin' April. Here, at our house, the snow is not sticking or accumulating at all. But all my friends who live south of us are inundating facebook with pictures of piles of snow. And of course that's what Justin is going to be driving through on his way home.

I'm trying not to worry, and soak up the "alone" time at home. It's funny how luxurious life with just one infant feels. What did I do before I had all these kids? Levi was a peach and nursed at 7:30 this morning, then we both went back to sleep until 10:45! I didn't eat breakfast until noon. Haha. I've done a little bit of organizing in my closet, but mostly we've just been playing online and watching one episode after another of Fixer Upper on Netflix in our pajamas. I'm loving it, but I'll be happy when we're all safe back home together again!

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  1. I hope you tell your kids NOT to tell other kids that the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. are fake!


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