Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Saturday 7

I'm going to attempt to bang this out quickly. I really should be sleeping, but I'm waiting for my cough medicine to kick in and am just now getting around to writing this post . . .

1. Every year, I fill out a bracket for the NCAA Basketball Championship. It started in high school history class with Mr. T. I always picked the teams with cool names like Gonzaga, Xavier, and Villanova. In the past few years, I've picked Villanova to go all the way because they actually had a chance. I know nothing about Nova. I don't know where it is in the country, who the coach is, I don't know any of the players' names. I just always pick them to win. Haha. Similarly, my sister Niki always picks North Carolina to win - solely because that's where Michael Jordan went to college, and she loves him. (Also because her favorite color is baby blue - their team color.) So imagine our surprise this year when my nephews, other siblings, friends, and basketball aficionados started to drop out of the bracket left and right . . . and Niki and I moved all the way to the top! We were so excited when UNC and Nova were the last teams standing! Unfortunately, she was in Florida for Spring Break, so we didn't get to watch the game together in person. But that's what snapchat was invented for, right? We had a blast staying up late, attempting to trash talk each other via text, and snapping our reactions to the crazy game.

Attempted trash talk the night before the game. (And yes, I am wearing clothing.)
Close to the end of the game . . .
Then this hilarity ensued . . .

In case you didn't hear, my team won.
Too bad we didn't make any real bets. I just get bragging rights!

2. Lucy had spring break this week. She only has school 3 days a week anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal, but it was nice not having to get up and out of the house before 8 those 3 days this week. We tried to do some fun activities throughout the week - a little "staycation" if you will. Monday, Levi had his one month well-child appointment, which ate up a lot of our day, but we did do some crafts at home. Here's my parenting tip of the week: buy holiday themed craft kits when they go on clearance after the holidays. If you're really on top of things, you can save them until the next year, but if you're like me, you can buy yourself half an hour of quiet the day after Easter while your kids make foam sticker eggs!

3. On Tuesday, I got brave [some may say crazy] and decided to take all 3 kids to a movie by myself. Kent Theater (the small hometown theater) was showing Zootopia for Spring Break and I figured the girls would like it and Levi would just sleep, so off we went!

The movie started 20 minutes late. We wouldn't been golden if it had started on time, but we had a little trouble during the last 30 minutes. Haha. Everything was fine until then. The girls were good, Levi slept in the Moby. Sure, I got up 4 times to refill drinks and take Lucy to the bathroom (twice), but it wasn't too big of a deal. Then, suddenly, Levi woke up and wanted to eat. I anticipated that need and figured I'd just nurse him quietly in the dark theater. I slipped him out of the Moby wrap just as he started to cry, but I could not get myself untangled from the Moby. He started to get louder as I was frantically unwinding yards and yards of material. Of course there was a whole row of kids sitting behind us, and the lights weren't all the way down since it was a kids' movie. I was trying so hard to be discreet and use those infernal yards of Moby fabric to cover myself, but Levi was screaming and flailing, and Lena was climbing on me shouting, "Is he awake? Why are you covering him up?" Lol. We created quite a scene. Lena was totally done by that point, so when I finished feeding Levi, I packed everything up and herded the girls to the back of the theater. I attempted to strap Levi back to my chest while Lena cried at my feet and Lucy stood at the door trying to watch the last 10 minutes of the movie. Lesson learned. Don't attempt all 3 kids at the theater by yourself! Also, Zootopia was a little too scary for my kids and they took God's name in vain 3 times - which is so unnecessary in an animated movie!

4. We kept things low-key on Wednesday and only ventured out for story time at the library. Then Thursday morning we had a breakfast playdate at McDonald's to celebrate Presley's birthday. My girls had seriously been counting down the days and making Presley all kinds of cards and gifts. It was the sweetest thing.

5. A quick Levi update: He weighed in at 8 lbs, 1 oz. on Monday - a full pound more than when we were there exactly a week earlier for the reflux diagnosis. I'd say the Zantac is working! And today, I weighed myself then myself holding him and the difference was exactly 9 pounds. Granted, he was wearing a diaper, onesie, and lightweight sleeper, but he's definitely still gaining! I even noticed that one of his newborn outfits is getting too small today! Progress! That said, I definitely noticed that he was fussier than usual tonight. I think I'm going to have to call on Monday and see if the weight gain means he needs to up his Zantac dose. I'm so relieved it's working and can't wait for him to start chunking up some more - and start fitting into more of the drawers full of clothes I have waiting for him! Haha.

6. I saw this on facebook this week and felt that it was timely reminder for me:
I've been so short-tempered with the girls lately. I feel like they're constantly picking at each other, being blatantly disobedient, and being overly obnoxious. I'm sure it's largely cabin fever after a long winter (stupid Michigan), but I needed this reminder that while discipline is important, I need to rein in my emotions.

7. Because look at these sweet kids:

Little mommy

Well it's woefully late, now, but I'm hacking less so I'm off to bed. I've acquired a horrendous cough. I actually slept on the couch for part of last night because I kept waking up Levi. Ugh. Wish me better luck tonight!

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