Friday, March 11, 2011

10 Month Update

I feel like I just wrote the 9 month update.  Crazy!  I'd say time is flying, but it's really not.  Will winter ever be over??? Anyway, I digress . . .

We have made it to double digits! Here's what's up in Lucy Land:

This is the general routine:
6:30 - wake her up, nurse, go to work
7:30 - breakfast with the kids - usually pancakes and cut up blueberries, bananas, grapes, or apples
9:00 - nap
10:30/11:00 - up, nurse, play time
12:00 - lunch with the kids - usually just whatever they're eating and fruit again
1:30 - nap
3:00/3:30 - up, nurse, play
4:00 - snack while I clean the house - banana cookies, puffs, yogurt melts, or cheese
4:30 - go home
6:00 - dinner with us - whatever we're having and then 2 jars of baby food (1 veg, 1 fruit)
7:00 - Baby Einstein movie
7:30 - nurse, bed

After all our troubles with sleeping through the night, we are being rewarded now with amazing sleep.  Lucy is an angel at night.  (Well all the time, but you know what I mean. ;-))  She goes down at 7:30 after a quick routine of jammies, nurse, songs, and prayer.  She lays right down and goes to sleep without a peep and wakes up 12 hours later - almost on the dot.  If I adjust when I nurse her at all, she'll wake up pretty much exactly 12 hours after that feeding.  I'm hoping that will work for the time change this weekend!

Until today, her naps were also a breeze.  I don't even sing her a song anymore.  Just binky and bed. She tucks her arms under herself, turns her head to the side and goes to sleep, usually napping for 1.5-2 hours.  However, today she kept standing up and would not go to sleep.  It was a terrible 45 minutes of CIO before she finally gave in. :-(  I hope that doesn't become a habit.

Lucy has really become picky this month.  I just re-read my 9 month post and was amazed at how much of the foods I wrote about then she won't eat now.  Grrr.  She'll always eat pancakes, mac n' cheese, bread, and cheese, and is usually pretty good with fruit, but veggies are a battle. (Already! Ugh!) I wrote in one of my Lulu Updates recently about how I can't sneak veggies in with other foods - she spits them right back out.  I'm also starting to get really frustrated with her throwing her food on the floor.  She usually does it when it's something she doesn't want, but half the time she will dump half her pancakes on the floor and eat the half that is still on her tray.  So I'm still just going to keep trying everything and hope this pickiness is a phase she'll grow out of.

New things we've tried this month include: strawberries (ok-ed by the doctor, but made such a mess), peanut butter and jelly sandwich (she spit out every bite, not a fan), spaghettios (loved it, but I let her feed herself - yikes!!), pineapple (refused it), cucumber (spit it out), broccoli (spit it out), Brussels sprouts (spit it out), and rice (spit it out).

She's doing really well with drinking out of a sippy cup.  She really likes the new cups with handles, and is starting to get the hang of tipping it up to drink.

I already recorded some of these, but want to have them all in one spot.

1. She is finally recovering from her awful cough.  She probably had it for 2 weeks total.

2. She's started standing in her crib.

3. She rolls her arms to "Wheels on the Bus." (Although that was kind of short lived. I haven't seen her do it lately.)

4. She's pulling up on everything!

5. She's also getting so close to crawling.  She can do it when she wants, but prefers her much faster method of army crawling.

6. She's still working on that tooth.  There's a little white dot on the lower left but it's been there for almost 2 weeks and still hasn't popped through.  She's been super cranky the past few days, though, so I keep expecting it to show up!

This "mama's girl phase" is still going strong!  In fact I think it's worse than ever.  She has to be standing next to me, or climbing on me, or touching me.  I try to tell myself to enjoy it and that I'll miss it when she outgrows it, but it can be exhausting.  We've started "Daddy and Baby Einstein time."  After dinner, I go in the bedroom and read (out of sight, out of mind), and she snuggles with Daddy and watches her video.

She's still not very patient with reading books, but will tolerate a few as long as I let her flip the pages.

She's got some sweet dance moves (inherited from her Mama) that she displays anytime she hears music.

Most of the time, she's a happy, sweet, smiley girl.  We love her so much it hurts.

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