Monday, March 21, 2011

Food for Thought

In light of Lucy's distaste for vegetables, I've decided to start trying a new fruit and vegetable every week.  Hopefully we'll hit on some winners for her, as well as us.  I am so not a vegetable fan.

Last week I got a kiwi and a butternut squash.  Lucy loved the kiwi, but I still haven't used the squash.  Any recipe suggestions?

This week I'm going to get cantaloupe and red and green peppers.  Again - any recipe ideas for the peppers?

Stay tuned to hear how it goes!


  1. Butternut squash roasted with butter and brown sugar is like a dessert:). Microwave it for a couple minutes to make it easier to cut (hold it with a towel cuz it'll be hot!). Cut in half lengthwise and put the 2 halves face down in a naming dish with 1/4 inch of water. Roast them until the skin puckers - scoop out the seeds and then scoop out the good stuff:) mash it up with butter and brown sugar - yum!
    - cara

  2. For the squash, try butternut squash "fries". Check out this link for the recipe I use most often...

    Another option would be to just peel, cut in cubes, and boil in salted water until soft. Serve alone, with salt and pepper, with ketchup, with butter, etc...

    Have fun!

  3. I was going to suggest what Cara said about the butter and brown sugar. I don't have any recipes, but I bet you can find a butternut squash mac n cheese (or was it spaghetti?) recipe since I think I remember you saying Lucy likes noodles, right? Squash is one of those things that is easy to "sneak" into various recipes that you know she already likes.

    Have you introduce eggs yet? I remember I waited to introduce egg whites, but Hannah LOVED mashed up hard boiled egg yolks with some squash. But maybe Lucy wouldn't let you feed that to her. Once Hannah was old enough, I made scrambled eggs with either a jar of baby food squash or sweet potato (add instead of milk) and Hannah INHALED that. Especially covered in cheese. She still likes that to this day even though I think it's disgusting.


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