Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes Saturday

Happy Saturday!

1. Good news everyone: I've made the switch to Diet Dr Pepper.  I figure now that I'm 25, it's time to admit I'm an adult and start acting like one.  Plus I've read a thousand things lately about how bad pop is for you and how much needless sugar I consume.  I know, I know - diet pop has aspartame in it.  I'm not scared of aspartame. ;-)  Anyway, my new rule is that I'm allowed to drink the real stuff at restaurants, but have to have diet if I'm going to drink it at home or work.  I've actually discovered that Diet Cherry Dr Pepper tastes more like the real thing.

2. Lucy has an awful cold.  It is so terrible listening to her cough her guts out (although it doesn't seem to bother her).  As a result she is currently embodying one of my parenting pet peeves: the constant snot nose.  I hate when people are out in public with their kids' noses dripping green gunk.  But seriously, I cannot keep up with it.  Although I definitely try.  Even if it results in a little screaming (on her part - not mine. ;-)).

3. Despite the cold, she's been pretty happy, and learning a lot this week.  She's really getting the hang of pulling up to standing on stuff, although she has no concept of how to move her feet to "cruise" yet.  And her new cute thing is "rolling" her arms.  We've been singing "Wheels on the Bus" a lot, and she's got the movement down! It's so cute.

4. Here's my "bad mom" moment of the week:  Lucy's favorite toy at work is Dora's Talking Doll House.  She's seriously obsessed with the thing and will play with it forever.  She always sits like this when she plays with it:

Well one day this week, I was in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard her screaming.  I went into the living room to find her on her back with this house on top of her.  Haha.  Oops!  The best part is she was wearing striped socks, so she really looked like the wicked witch of the west with her striped feet sticking out from under the house.  I was really tempted to go grab my camera, but decided to rescue her instead.  Haha.  Poor kid.

5. My van is making an awful noise.  At first, the brakes were just squealing, but now they're scraping and grinding.  In my experience, that is never a good thing. Ugh.  So we've been trying all week to get it to the shop.  We just can't do it!  I have to have the van to bring Chase to and from school on Wednesdays and Fridays.  I can't fit all 3 carseats in Justin's car.  Plus, we can just never find a time to get the van to the shop.  We work full time!  We need our vehicles full time!  Such a pain!! 

6. Today we went to the Home and Garden Show downtown.  Lucy loved it.  She adores being in her stroller and just watching all the people.  We probably walked around for 2 hours, and she never made a peep.  Everyone oohs and ahhs over how cute she is.  I always wonder if they say that about every baby . . . Anyway, we signed up for pretty much every giveaway, so hopefully we win something!!

7. After the Home and Garden Show, we headed to the Twisted Rooster - a new restaurant on the Beltline.  We've heard good things about it, so we decided to try it out.  It was pretty good!  We went at like 4 in the afternoon, so we got seated right away. (Side note: it's amazing how we get seated right next to the kitchen every time we eat out these days. Haha.)  I wasn't terribly impressed with our waiter.  He lollygagged.  And he had long shaggy hair that really bothered me. (Don't I sound like an 80 year old woman??)  The menu was smaller than we expected, but the food was delicious.  I got 5 cheese mac n' cheese with chicken.  (Heart attack on a plate!)  It did have asparagus (which I picked around - blech) and peas.  Lucy loved it as much as I did.  It's amazing, though, how I can give her a piece of pasta and a piece of asparagus - both smothered in cheese sauce - and yet she invariably pulls the asparagus out of her mouth every time.  Haha.  Her mother's child.


  1. Sometimes "bad mom" moments are just hilarious. Like when Hannah attempted to self-apply my mascara because I was too busy unloading the dishwasher. I literally laughed out loud when you mentioned the striped socks. I'm sure she's no worse for the wear. :)

    I'm aspartame intolerant, just like people with lactose intolerance. How weird is that?

    Scraping and grinding isn't good... I would get it in ASAP because it sounds like your break pads are completely shot, and the longer you let it go unfixed, the greater the chances that you'll have to get your entire breaks replaced. NOT CHEAP.

  2. Ha, I laughed so hard at the image of her striped socks sticking out from under the house:) Good on ya for rescuing her, but a picture definitely would have been awesome...but better to be a good mom:)

    Aspartame gives me really bad headaches:( Oh man, you made me want cherry Dr. Pepper! When we lived in Texas, we had Sonic everywhere and they would but a "syrup shot" in sodas for free; my boss at the daycare I worked at when we first moved there would go on drink runs about once a week, and I'd always get a huge Dr. Pepper with a shot of, so good!


    No, people only comment on the really cute babies, and how could they not comment on Lucy...she is SO cute!!!!:)

  3. Oh, and I saw your comment on my blog -- that whole sleeping like that thing? Totally not normal!:) I usually just let her sleep in the car, because otherwise she might have a hard time getting back to sleep. But she fell asleep SO close to home...and I really had to pee, so I brought her in...and, yes, I totally peed while holding her without her ever waking up. So, so weird.


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