Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lulu and Veggie Updates

It's been another big week for Lucy.

Last Wednesday she suddenly took off crawling.  It took her a couple days to perfect it, but now it's her preferred mode of transportation.  I kind of wondered if she'd just stick with army crawling until she learned to walk, but I guess she decided to do the proper crawl after all. :-)

Another exciting first:  I think she might have her first word!  In the past couple of weeks she has figured out to wave when we say "Bye-bye," and I've noticed that she usually says "ba-ba-ba" while she's doing it.  But it's not all the time.  And she doesn't do it on command.  Haha.  So I don't know . . .

And finally, weaning.  We are officially down to 3 nursing sessions a day.  It kind of just happened that she started stretching her feedings out farther.  On Monday, I decided to see how long she'd go before getting fussy. I nursed her at 7:30 am, gave her breakfast and a lunch (though she didn't eat much), and finally at 4:15 I was starting to get uncomfortable and worried about her getting dehydrated!  I've been careful not to let her go quite that long without a substantial meal and plenty of fluids since then, but she was obviously ready to drop a feeding.  So now I'm trying to pair her feedings with meals.  She nurses at 6:30, then after lunch before her nap (usually 1:30ish), then again at bedtime: 7:30.

We've also been working on drinking out of sippy cup so she gets the hang of drinking something besides . . . well you know.  She actually does really well with it and guzzles it right down.

Veggie Update
Thanks for all your recipe suggestions.  I kept them all to try them out.  Although I actually came up with something on my own for the peppers.  I made homemade chicken fettucini and threw red and green peppers and peas in it! 3 vegetables!  I spoon fed it to Lucy so I could sneak some tiny pieces of peas and peppers in each bite.  She spit out the first green pepper, but I think it was just too crunchy.  By the end of the meal, she was eating bigger pieces.  I finally cut up some plain green pepper and put it on her tray.  She gobbled it right down! I ate some too, but didn't particularly enjoy it.  It was fine, just not something I'd eat for enjoyment.

Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with the cantaloupe.  I diced it all up so nicely and have offered it to her a few different times.  Not gonna happen.  It all ends up on the floor.  I'm not a big fan of cantaloupe either, so hopefully Justin will eat the whole thing! Haha.

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  1. Haha, this is so funny because it's stuff I've written on my own blog! I thought O was going to army crawl and then go straight to walking, but nope, he crawled. And he also likes plain peppers. Weird.

    Good job putting in extra effort to find veggies she'll eat... I need to do that more myself.


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