Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal Friday

Here's my money saving tip of the week: get a store credit card!  Haha.  This is a dangerous tip.  You have to have some self-control, and you have to be sure to pay the card in full each month.  Store credit cards are notorious for having some of the highest interest rates possible.

But, if you can charge responsibly, you can get some really great deals!

For instance, I have a Meijer credit card that I use for gas, which gets me 5 cents off every gallon.  (Side tip: if you "like" Meijer on facebook, they give alerts when their gas prices are going up, so you can fill up before they do!) Also, every once in a while - usually on a Monday - you can use your credit card in the store for 15% off general merchandise and 5% off groceries and health and beauty.

Similarly, Kohl's has a credit card program with incentives.  Every month, I get a coupon for either 15, 20, or 30% off my entire purchase.  Kohl's is great because they have no restrictions.  You can use that coupon on clearance, sales, anything!  I'm fortunate, because my mom, Niki, and "sister" Amy all have Kohl's cards, too, so between the 4 of us, someone is bound to get 30%.  And anyone can use the coupon.  You just have to have a Kohl's charge card.

So when I want something specific - like a baby shower gift or presents for Lucy's birthday or a dress for a wedding - I wait until one of those offers pops up.

There you have it.  A tip that is probably common sense, but fun to share anyway. :-)

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