Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. I had an awful work-week this week.  It rained every day I was there and I was just in a baaaad mood.  Plus Lucy's teeth are bothering her, so she was grumpy too.  It was not fun for anyone.

2. This is random: I love sleep, but I'm scared to fall asleep every night.  I hate giving up control of my body. Have you ever thought how weird it is that for 8 hours a day we're essentially unconscious?  I hate laying there not knowing what I'm going to dream about, or what's happening in my house in the middle of the night.  I have issues.

3. I'm not sure if I ever wrote about Lucy's second tooth - it showed up not long after the first, so now she has the two bottom teeth.  They're still pretty small - not terribly visible - but they're so cute!! Her one year pictures are a week from today, so I hope they pop up a little more for those.

4. Because of my bad mood all week, I wasn't too creative with meals.
M - Justin made himself tacos, I had potluck at Bible Study
W - Justin made himself spaghetti, I had a sandwich (not a big fan of spaghetti)
Th - pulled pork sandwiches - they were disgusting.  The pork burned in the crockpot and I didn't like the new BBQ sauce I tried
F - chili dogs

5. Oh - I have to write about Easter! I did decided to get Lucy an Easter basket.  Well it was actually an Easter bucket.  She got a Veggie Tales movie (the Easter Carol), a board book Bible, a stuffed lamb, and some yogurt melts.  And my parents got her a tin lunchbox and some goldfish.  She loves that lunch box.  It is the greatest thing in the world to open it, put toys in it, shut it, open it, take the toys out, shut it, repeat! Anyway, we had a great day at church and with our families.

6. I did not watch the royal wedding.  I honestly don't know why I'm so irritated by it.  I just think it's another couple getting married.  I don't know them.  I'm just annoyed by all the hysteria over it!! That said, I did see the pictures of her dresses - they were beautiful.  Although I wish she would've worn her hair up.  It didn't look much different than all the other pictures I've seen of her - just down and curly.

7. I was going to write a whole entry on this point, but I never remember.  Lately I've been plagued by the infamous "mommy guilt."  I feel like I don't play with Lucy enough, I don't read to her enough, I don't teach her enough, and the worst: I don't feed her right.  I was on a parenting message board the other day and this lady was complaining about the foods daycare feeds her kid.  Her complaints were: sugary jelly, carb-loaded bread, empty calories in pizza, and nitrate-filled deli meat.  She wanted her kid eating veggies, tofu, and fruit.  And everyone agreed with her! Ugh.  Lucy's main meals are: grilled cheese, mac n' cheese, deli meat and cheese, and spaghettios.  I actually thought the deli meat was healthy.  I didn't know I was supposed to be worried about processing and nitrates in it!

I tell myself that I grew up eating that kind of stuff and I'm fine, but honestly I have horrendous eating habits.  I don't want that for Lucy.  But because of my bad habits, I don't even know what is considered healthy.  Is she just supposed to eat fruit, veggies, and tofu all the time?  She won't eat most veggies and I wouldn't even know where in the store to buy tofu! Blech.

Sorry to end on a grumpy note.  That just kind of epitomizes my week.  Haha.  Tonight I'm playing in a Wizard tournament with Justin's family and my mom and sister.  (It's a card game - not like a dungeons and dragons kind of thing. Haha.)  So stay tuned for a recap of that!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are an excellent mom and Lucy is going to be just fine eating what you give her! lol. You're doing great! Love you!!

  2. You know what? I grew up eating all that crappy food too...and I turned out all right. I now live in a city where everyone is uber concerned about healthy foods, and I've done my fair share of changing my eating habits. But you know what? Last week I ate a hotdog for the first time in years and I don't think it hurt me in any way ;) I DO love tofu though, but I think that's a personal thing, and most people don't like it. It's pretty tasteless, and takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with. I eat it raw with sesame seed oil and rice wine vinegar poured over it. Yum! (You don't have to eat tofu though, it's just a good non-meat/cholesterol filled source of protein)

    The veggies thing is hard...there is a huge lack in great quality veggies in Michigan that are available year round. Not to mention the fact that the variety of different types of foods is really restricted over there as well. Just keep trying, and keep trying new ways of cooking the vegetables- I found out last year that I actually DO like brussels-sprouts, I had only ever had them cooked horribly before.

    Let me know if you have any recipe requests, I have lots of tasty ways to cook the most random of vegetables!

    I wish I was there to see Lucy's first teeth! :( I probably won't be back until Christmas...

  3. O eats all that stuff too. He definitely had pizza for lunch today. And a cookie. I just make sure he gets some kind of fruit or/and veggie with every meal and call it good. ...and that's almost always fruit because he hates most veggies. You are THERE for Lucy, and that's what really counts.

    I think I already recommended it to you, but... "Calm My Anxious Heart." I'm not done with it yet but it's been really challenging and helpful to me so far, and I think it'd help you too.

    I'm sorry it has been a rough week! I hope your weekend is better. Just wait til I post about my night last night on my blog... HA! Crazy times. Take it easy :)

  4. We don't eat deli meat very often, so I've heard the term "nitrates" and known that they're not great, but didn't know much about it, so now you've got me reading about it.
    This article has a TON of info, but it might be helpful:

    A little blurb on Dr. Sear's site about it recommended that for kids you avoid the "sausage" type meats like bologna and pastrami and stick with organic turkey and chicken -- still easy, but healthier? Sounds like a good idea to me!

    I recently accidentally found that Brooklyn loves turkey sandwiches. Turkey makes me sick, so we never have it around, but she had a turkey sandwich in a restaurant the other day when it was the cheapest thing on the kids' menu:), and she loved it. Who knew? So I'm glad you sent me on this little fact-finding mission, so I can make sure to buy the safest version for her:)

  5. Sorry you had a rough week! :( I totally understand the mommy guilt... When it comes to food, Abby's current favorites are mac & cheese and toast. She rarely eats spoon food anymore, so finding decent finger-food fruits & veggies has been so tough. I can't WAIT for summer and farmers markets! Just do what you can, when you can! P.S. I love playing Wizard. :) Hope this week is better for you!

  6. Thanks for the advice and sympathy, everyone. And Cara, thanks for looking that stuff up about nitrates. I usually give her turkey, so that makes me feel a little better. :-)

    Carrie - so excited to hear of another Wizard player! Most people have never heard of it!


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