Monday, April 18, 2011

This and That

I forgot a couple things in my Saturday post.  Consider this an addendum . . .

1. Even though the weaning is going fabulously, Lucy will not drink milk.  I've given it to her warm, cold, mixed with breastmilk, etc., etc.  She takes one sip and spits it back out. Hmmm. She eats lots of cheese and yogurt, and loves juice and water in a sippy cup, so I'm not terribly concerned.  But when she's totally done nursing, I think she really is going to need to start drinking milk.  Any other suggestions?

2. I forgot to mention our new fruit and veggies this week.  Fruit: nectarine.  Lucy loved it.  And actually Justin and I don't remember eating nectarines before either, and we enjoyed it as well.  Veggie: zucchini.  I put it in that failed chicken alfredo on Friday and fed it to Lucy with bites of pasta.  The zucchini was mushy, so she didn't even notice it.  FTW!

3. I just have to record this: it is April 18 and an inch of snow accumulated on our deck overnight.  It's still coming down.  We were going to go grocery shopping today, but I refuse to get my boots on and leave the house.  Grrr.

I think that's it for the addendum.  Have a great week, everyone


  1. Try a little chocolate in her milk... just enough to give it flavor. Then as she starts to drink it more consistantly, decrease the amount of chocolate. We used Hershey's (generic) syrup for Mady. --Elizabeth M.

  2. 1. about #3 u live in MI...get use to it! 2. about #1 make sure she is getting enough vitamin c I suggest a can or so of Mnt. Dew 3rd most ingredient is Orange Juice and it's delicious so thats a win win in my book!! :D and 3. I think you should rename ur staturday 7 to the sat 7 mon 3. Or the saturday 10 ill tell u the rest on monday... :D :D

  3. I don't have any suggestions about the milk... unless you want to try formula. They make toddler formula for when she's over a year old... it's vanilla flavored and very sweet.

    Ew, makes me glad I'm not in MI. Love it up there, but don't miss all the crazy snow!!

  4. Ok, Luke, I'll get right on giving her Mt. Dew! Dork. Lol.

  5. Milk was a tough one with Jillian too! Before we found out Jillian was allergic to milk, I tried transitioning by mixing 1 ounce of milk in her formula and then would gradually increase it to 2 a few days later. It was starting to work! Good luck!

  6. This is very precious, except for some tmi lol the closeness between u and lucy. i pray the connection last forever a long time <3


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