Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. This week's new fruit and veggie were pear and avocado.  Lucy loved the pear and gobbled it right down.  But she spit out every bite of avocado.  I don't blame her.  That stuff is nasty!!

2. Speaking of veggies . . . last week I flipped through a cookbook at Chase and Lyla's house called Deceptively Delicious.  It's by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry's wife), and is about sneaking veggies into your kids' food.  She purees a bunch of veggies, then gives you ideas of how to add them to kid favorites.  I was thinking about buying a food processor and doing it, when I realized I already have pureed veggies in my cupboard. Baby food! Duh! So on Monday, I made Lucy a grilled cheese sandwich (her fave), and smothered pureed squash on the inside of the sandwich.  She was none the wiser and polished off the whole sandwich!

3. I read an article in the Grand Rapids Press about the Zenz family here in West Michigan.  The dad is an author/illustrator, and they have 6 kids.  They have a blog where the kids review children's books, then make their own illustrations.  It's so cute!  And the kids are crazy talented.  I would love to do something like that.  Maybe I'll start interviewing Lucy about what she thinks of the books I read to her.

4. Justin bought me flowers this week just because. I love him. :-D

5. I only had to work 2 days this week.  Yesterday, I sat on the couch sipping coffee while Lucy played with her toys and I thought, "I have got to figure out a way to make this my every day life."  I really do appreciate my job.  I do love the kids.  I do love my boss.  They pay me very well.  But I just want to be home with my baby.  I just keep reminding myself that this is where God wants me right now.  Until our house payment goes down or we lose the student loans (which will be when Lucy is like 45 years old), I have to work.  When God wants me to be a stay at home mom, He'll provide a way.  But if you want to pray that He provides sooner rather than later, I'd really appreciate it. ;-)

6. Yesterday, I pulled two bins marked "12 months" out of the basement closet and dragged them up to Lucy's room to sort through. (Side note: Lucy was in her glories with all those clothes to sort! Lol)  Holy cow, she has so much clothes!! I washed everything yesterday and have no idea where I'm going to put it all.  I think I counted 5 swimsuits and two swimsuit cover ups.  What one year old needs five swimsuits?  Haha.  We are so blessed to have people who have generously given their stuff to us.  It's so fun to come across something I used to dress Lyla in.  Now I just need to find room in Lucy's closet . . .

7. As I've been trying to plan Lucy's birthday party, I realized we did not time her birth very well.  She was born smack dab in the middle of soccer season! My sister and her boys have to be at Lucy's birthday party, but between the 3 of them, someone always has a game.  And they will for the next 7 years!  Oh boy.  By the time they're done with soccer, Lucy will be starting it! It never ends!!!! Haha.  Back to the birthday party . . . I had planned on just a small, family gathering.  Kind of hard to achieve, when we have huge families!  If we invite only our siblings, parents, nephews, and one set of grandparents, it comes up to 22 people!! And half of Justin's siblings live too far away to come! Oh well.  It'll be a blast!!


  1. I found squash and sweet potato to be the easiest to "sneak" in to other food items they already like. To this day, Hannah likes her scrambled eggs made with baby food sweet potato but won't eat it plain. What a weirdo. Veggies are *still* a struggle over here too. I don't give Hannah too much juice because I'm trying to limit her sugar intake (she's a sugar junkie), but I do give her V8 fusion because it has one serving of fruit and one serving of veggies.

    Would you recommend Deceptively Delicious? I've had a lot of people suggest it to me, but I assumed it used some obscure vegetables that I've never heard of. Is that not true?

  2. Love paragraph 5. That's some awesome faith, girl. I know it's hard to have an attitude like that... I mean, I get to stay at home with O but my home is my in-law's basement and my hubby is a custodian. It's so hard to be content!! But God does have a plan and knows what we need NOW even when it doesn't make sense to us. Thanks for reminding me of that.


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