Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes Saturday

This is going to be a Lucy-heavy update. She turned 15 months old this week, and has just been cuter than usual lately. :-)

1. Lucy is suddenly finding great enjoyment in shoes. The other day, she wandered into my room and came out with a pair of seldom worn high heels. She loved them, and kept making me put them on her. She also discovered her own shoes this week. There are like 10 pairs of hand me downs in her closet, and she brings me a new pair every day to put on. Such a girl. :-)

2. She has also really started to become obsessed with her baby lately.  She carries her around everywhere, cuddles with her, rocks her, feeds her, wraps her in blankets, and takes great delight in making me put her diaper on then ripping it off. She's started to sleep with the baby, bring her in the car, and bring her to work. I love it. So cute.

3. Justin taught her a fun trick this week: giving "knucks" - you know, like pounding fists? It's hilarious and adorable.

4. I finally got a copy of Bossypants from the library last night. I've read about half of it, and it is hilarious. I seriously had tears running down my face through most of it. Mostly just because I relate to so much. Haha.

5. I have a new obsession: Pinterest. Kelly got me hooked on it, and I've been wasting hours of my life playing with it. So. Much. Fun.

6. Yesterday, I was looking for something in the basement and I was overwhelmed by how dirty my house is. Haha. I'm a fairly good housekeeper. I keep up with the laundry and dishes. I pick up every night, so everything is in its place. But I don't scrub and dust and clean out crevices often enough. I feel like everything is coated in dust and Lola hair. So last night I decided I'm going to deep clean one room a day for a week. But by the time I finish that, I'll just have to start over again. How depressing.

7. We had absolutely gorgeous weather all week - sunny and mid 70s. I'm pretty sure that's what heaven will be like. So of course today, the forecast calls for rain and storms because we have outdoor plans. I'm going to Unity Christian Music Fest with Niki and the boys. It's outside in a huge, open field. So if you never hear from me again, just assume I was struck by lightning. ;-)

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  1. I thought for sure I'd commented on this post last weekend, but apparently not! :-P

    Abby LOVES shoes too. My tennis shoes, Rocky's sandals, her Crocs... she tries to put them all on her feet. And she evens tries to put all of them on our feet too!

    Sometimes I feel like she's a dog that we show off her "tricks" -- we'll ask her to "give daddy a hug, give daddy a kiss, give daddy high five, give daddy fist pump!" always in that order. She hasn't gotten the fist pump part yet though. :)

    Oh goodness, Pinterest. Yeah... I've become obsessed too.


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