Saturday, August 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes Saturday

1. Unity was awesome last Saturday. Of course, it did storm, and I had to be my anxious self. Niki and the boys stayed in the open field with their aluminum umbrellas, but I ran back to the car to wait it out. The horrible thing is my anxiety only extends to myself. I wasn't worried about them dying - only me! How wretched am I??? Anyway, the storm itself was pretty short. We did get rained on numerous times throughout the day, but it wasn't too bad.  We saw Chris August, Josh Wilson, Sidewalk Prophets, Francesca Batistelli, Matthew West, and Michael W. Smith.  I was really impressed with everyone except Francesca. But in all fairness, she had some major delays at the airport and arrived at the event 10 minutes before she had to go on stage, so she probably would've been better under different circumstances. And Michael was amazing. The nostalgia washed over me like a wave and I belted out "Place in this World" with all the other 20-30somethings who were only allowed to listen to Christian music as teenagers. :-)

2. I worked 3 days this week for the first time since June. I had gotten pretty used to my 2 days. :-) But we definitely need the money, so I'm grateful for that.

3. I finished Bossypants this week. It was hilarious, but pretty raunchy. Much more swearing than I'm used to and a lot of sexual innuendo. Don't say I didn't warn you.

4. I cleaned out the "office" closet on Monday. It's the catch all for old textbooks, high school and college papers, pictures, things I want to save (ticket stubs, certificates, wedding memorabilia), random CDs and DVDs, books, etc. It's always amazing to me how much junk we've moved from place to place. I threw out so much. It was fun to re-read some of my college papers, though. This time of year, I start to miss school just a tiny bit.

5. I've been gaining weight. Mostly in my stomach. So I've taken to wearing looser-fitting shirts. This is a double edged sword. On one hand, less stomach flab is visible, but on the other . . . I feel like I'm starting rumors. I can almost hear people whispering, "You think she's pregnant?" Let me clear it up once and for all. I am not pregnant. And I probably won't be for a while. ;-)

6. My new favorite meal staple is the rotisserie chicken. They were on sale at Meijer for $4.99 this week. So we had that on Monday, then Justin shredded up the leftovers. On Tuesday, I made a Velveeta meal thingy. It cost $1.67 and only required water and chicken. Used some leftover chicken in that. On Thursday, we had fajitas - finished off the rest of the chicken. 3 meals out of one bird! Woot woot!

7. I'm actually writing this entry on Friday night because I won't have time on Saturday. We're having a craft/vendor expo at church Saturday morning from 9am-2pm. I'm working in the kitchen, so come get a yummy chicken wrap from me! Then Saturday evening we're hosting small group at our house.  Needless to say, I've been prepping and cleaning all week. Busy busy!

Ok, that was kind of a lame one. But apparently so was the last one. I must be getting boring with age. ;-)


  1. Haha I love the old MWS music. "Friends" was my favorite song through all of middle and [some of] high school!

    Ugh, I need to work on our office... It's in the basement in an unfinished room, so really it's just all of our books and papers still boxed up from when we moved almost 2 years ago. Every couple of weeks I find myself looking for a specific book or something, and having to go through every single box until I find it...

    I've never done one of those chickens before, but I've considered it and have read a lot of recipes that use it (the leftovers). Maybe I'll start getting back into regular meal planning and try it soon!

    Enjoy your busy day today!!

  2. A friend just loaned me Bossypants last night - can't wait to read it:)
    I worked at a Christian music festival in high school - getting the artists, setting up, running merchandise booth, etc. We were inside selling stuff at one point and talking to Michael W Smith's manager when this plane buzzed the building (the small local airport was right next to the venue) and the guy goes "Oh that's Michael. He loves doing that.". I met him briefly during the autograph session as well as Rebecca St James and Nicole C Mullen. Pretty fun at the time:)

  3. I want to go to a music festival!

    Love rotisserie chickens! Nathan and I had bbq chicken sandwiches with the leftovers yesterday :)


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