Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Tall Dr. Pepper Kind of Day

When most people have a bad day, they come home and pour themselves a large glass of wine. When I have a bad day, I pour myself a tall glass of Dr. Pepper. Today was a very tall Dr. Pepper kind of day.

Last week, I promised Lyla that I would take her to Java Gym for her birthday. It never really worked out until today. The kids were so excited. Lucy woke up early from her nap, so we were set to have plenty of time there, it was a beautiful day, etc. I got all three kids dressed, fed, and groomed. Drinks and snacks packed in my purse. Carseats installed in my van. And then I noticed it: flat tire. Grrrrr. I spent the next hour on the phone with Justin and a Progressive Insurance agent in Arizona. Eventually, an "auto emergency" vehicle showed up to put my spare on for me. No, I do not know how to change a tire. I've never found a reason to learn since we have free roadside assistance. The guy who changed the tire was apparently an aspiring pit crew member. He literally ran around my vehicle, and threw the receipt at me when he was done. Kind of humorous.

By the time all this was done, we didn't have time to go to Java Gym and make it home in time for naps. You can imagine how excited the kids were about that! It was a fun morning.

Lucy hardly napped in the afternoon. She has a killer tooth trying to poke through and it's really bothering her. She's actually had a fever on and off all week. She's hardly eating and she just walks around whining. Poor baby.

All this is to illustrate that I was already feeling irritable when Beth got home. Then she got to talking about how annoying it is when the Grandmas come to watch the kids. [The reason I'm only working 2 days a week this summer is because her mom comes one day and his mom comes another.] She said she hates how Grandma always gets the kids fast food and how she drives them all over the place. Um, I get them fries from McDonald's roughly once a week and I drive them alll over the place. I thought she liked that! I thought she appreciated that I take the kids on field trips and spend my money on them. Now I feel like that was her subtle way of telling me she doesn't like me doing that stuff either. Those field trips are the only thing that gets me through the week!! I was as devastated as the kids today that we couldn't go to Java Gym. I can not spend all day playing cars, making train track courses, and breaking up fights.

So I drove home defeated and afraid my little donut tire was going to explode or fall off. And Lucy still hasn't stopped whining. To make matters worse, soccer started tonight. Justin is coaching a JV team in Grand Rapids, so starting today he will go straight to practice from work every night and get home around 7:30 at night. So I'm pretty much single-momming it for the next 3 months. :-(

I'm going to have to make a Meijer run for all the Dr. Pepper I'm going to need to get me through this night.

Thank you, Jesus, for roadside assistance, for safety on the road, for my sweet, healthy baby, for a side job that Justin enjoys that brings in some cash, and for this absolutely gorgeous weather.


  1. Ugh what a day! I hate those subtle little comments from moms when you're a nanny - been there. Seriously there's no way you should stay home all the time. You would all go nuts. She should absolutely appreciate that you take them places -- and you pay too?! Geez! She's lucky to have you!:)

  2. Um. I HAVE to go somewhere with my 1 child almost every day. I think it is great you take them places. Keep it up!

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough day!! I hope tomorrow is better.

  4. Yuck. :( I know what you mean about single-momming it for a few months, Rocky coaches JV tennis which just started this week too. While we have a few more mornings left with him, once school starts he won't see Abby much except on the weekends. I hope today is better for you!


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