Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. My craft with Lucy and Lyla this week was fruit loop rainbows. I got the idea from Pinterest and was pleasantly surprised with how it went! I didn't think it would hold the girls' attention very well and that I'd be doing all the work. I was wrong. I was especially surprised with how well Lucy did. I gave them each a pile of fruit loops then told them to pick out all of a certain color. I'd pick out a couple for Lucy to show her what color we were doing, then she found the rest herself!
Picking out the blue ones. (She lined them all up next to her paper.)
And both girls did great with making the rainbow. I squirted some glue on and they lined up the cereal! (One of Lucy's favorite OCD activities. Haha)
The finished product!
2. Last week, I got all "Mom of the Year" and pureed a bunch of carrots. I froze the purees in ice cube trays and started putting the carrot cubes into everything - mac n' cheese, beef-a-roni, spaghetti (we eat a lot of pasta). It was great! She ate it all with abandon and I was thrilled with how easy it was to sneak in some nutrition. But then this started happening . . .

It actually took me forever to figure out where the hives were coming from. I didn't think I was feeding her any differently than usual. But then I finally realized I was sneaking those carrots into almost everything she was eating! So frustrating. She used to eat a ton of carrots when she was a baby, but she hasn't had them in probably a year. Apparently her body is rejecting them now.

3. I found a new author I'm obsessed with: Colleen Coble. So far I've read the Aloha Reef Series, the Lonestar Series, and Abomination. (I realized later that Abomination is book 4 of another series. Blurg.) The Lonestar series was my favorite because all 3 books were about marriages of convenience. For some reason those are always my favorite! Haha. Although it was admittedly kind of dumb that all 3 couples in one little town all had to get married for some reason or another. They're murder mysteries with a romantic storyline. I almost always can figure out who the killer is, and there's never any doubt about the couple getting together. But I still love it. :-)

4. I am so torn between refinancing our house or just selling it and trying to find something cheaper. Selling is a gamble. Who knows if we'll be able to sell it for enough, quickly enough. And even if we do, will that house I want still be available? What if it's not? Do we settle for something cheap and nasty or live with our parents until something better comes up? But I'm not convinced refinancing is going to lower our payment enough to make a difference in our budget issues. I emailed the mortgage guy at our bank and he said to even begin refinancing we have to pay a $350 application fee. Not possible.

5. The good news on the financial front is that Justin got paid way more than we expected for working that side job last weekend. The electric bill got paid! (As did a few other bills.) Thank you for the prayers, words of encouragement, and even offers to help us out. I really wasn't fishing for handouts by writing that last week. I just write what's happening in our life - and that was pretty front and center. Plus, I like to keep a record of how God provides.

6. Lucy is really into praying lately. She never lets us forget to pray before meals. She loves to pick a person to pray for from our prayer sticks at bedtime. And sometimes she just randomly wants to pray. She got a sucker at the doctor on Thursday and before she would eat it, she insisted that I pray. And I'm pretty sure she's the cutest pray-er ever. She bows her little head and folds her little hands and closes her sweet little eyes. Best kid ever. :-)

7. Radical Update - it didn't go as well this week. I got behind on my reading and had to read 6 chapters in one day. It just hasn't become a habit yet. I need to pick a time of day and always do it at that time. The days that I have off, I read it while Lucy's napping. But when I work, I usually forget until 10:00 at night and then I just want to go to bed. Hm. And I was really forgetful with praying too. These were the countries I was supposed to pray for: Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, France, Germany, and Greece.

And I attempted to serve out of my context. Monday night, I went to a local nursing home with my Ladies' Bible Study with the intent of ministering to some old people. I was not really looking forward to it, because that's definitely out of my comfort zone. We got there, sang some songs, and all the old people went to bed! So hopefully our singing was ministering. I didn't even talk to anyone!

Well sorry this was so long. Although you all should be used to that by now. :-) I'm off to go wedding dress shopping with my little sister!!!! Have a great week!

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  1. The rainbow craft is so cute! I wonder if Orion would do that.

    Oh I'm so sorry about Lucy's hives :( I have a friend who is allergic to carrots. I hope she grows out if it.

    If it were ME I'd probably sell the house since it's a constant strain for you. Even if you did end up living with your parents for a while you could spend that time saving up money for your next place. Don't forget that the house you love may end up having some big problems you can't see from the listing. That happened with several houses we looked at (things like plumbing completely missing, no insulation, and basement walls caving in). Just keep that in mind before you make that house your end-all goal :)

    I love praying kids!!


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