Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Every time we drive by Big Boy, Lucy shouts "boy!" She's been there like twice in her life, but apparently it made an impression on her!

2. We went to the podiatrist this week as recommended by Lucy's pediatrician. Her left foot points in when she walks and the doctor thought we should get it checked out just to make sure it isn't anything serious. Her appointment was at 9:30, but they told me to get there 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. We got there at 9:20 whereupon I signed 3 pieces of paper and waited in the waiting room for 20 minutes. We didn't see the doctor 'til 10, and didn't leave the building until 10:40! Craziness. Lucy did really well letting the doctor poke and prod her hips, knees, and feet. But she was not a fan of the x-rays. She looked so miserable just standing there crying. :-( Anyway, the verdict is this: her foot points in out of habit, not because anything is wrong with her bones. The doctor wasn't too concerned and said there's not much we can do at this point short of encourage her to point her foot outward when she's sitting or sleeping. He also wrote us a "prescription" for Stride Rite shoes - which will run us between $60 and $80. I think we'll just wait to see if she outgrows it on her own.

3. Yesterday was June 1, and I think we hit a high of about 56 degrees. This morning when I got up, it was 65* in our house. We keep it at 66* during the winter! It's taking everything in me not to turn on the heat. It's just wrong to turn the heat on in June!!

4. Justin and I finished season 4 of "Big Bang Theory" this week. What should we watch next? I'm thinking "Psych."

5. Ok, so here's the potty training update: it is not going well. I don't even want to write this because you're all going to tell me she's not ready, but I want to record it for myself more than anything. The first few days she did really well. One day she only had 2 accidents, and actually told me she had to go twice. But since then it's gone steadily downhill. She only has 10 pairs of underwear, and one day we actually ran out - that's how many accidents she had. I'm getting discouraged and not being as consistent as I should. I need to make up my mind whether to stick it out or just quit and try again later. The biggest thing, though, is we can not afford to keep buying diapers. We're so strapped right now that it would be such a help to stop paying for diapers every month!! Ugh. We'll see . . .

6. In an effort to encourage interest, we bought her Elmo's Potty Time movie with some birthday money. She loves it and watches it probably twice a day (yeah, go ahead and judge me for letting my 2 year old watch 2 movies a day). It is one of the most annoying movies of all time. And I get the stupid songs stuck in my head. "Girls do it, boys do it, even famous queens and kings do it. Soon you'll use the potty tooooo!" Lol.

7. Last night, Niki and I went down to the mall and ordered our bridesmaid dresses for Libby's wedding. Woohoo! They're cute dresses, and they have pockets! Awesome! They're going to come in super handy for all the kleenexes I'm going to go through. :-) While we were down by the mall, we stopped at Krispy Kreme for National Donut Day and got a free donut! Bliss!


  1. I'm glad there's nothing really wrong with her foot! There's no way I'd spend $80 on shoes either :P

    Good luck on figuring out what to do about potty training. You're braver than I. I think I need to really get on the ball with it and start taking O to the potty every hour or something... he actually told me he had to go twice yesterday (AFTER he peed in his diaper) which he's never done before, but that's progress. I wish it were simpler!

    Do you watch Community or Parks and Recreation? Both great.

  2. Oh yeah, Rachel. We watch all the Thursday night NBC shows!

  3. Yay for nothing being wrong with her foot! It's odd how they develop little "habits" like that so young!

    I was in a way happy to read your blog this morning and see that my 2yr old nephew isn't the only child not showing interest in the potty at his age... for some reason he is TERRIFIED to go near it! We try to put him on it every night before his bath, but he will NOT have it!


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