Friday, June 15, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. What a week. I'm posting a day early because we're going on vacation this weekend! After all my whining a couple weeks ago about not having a lake house, we're going to a cottage on a lake! Haha. Justin's parents have some friends who have a cottage. Dave and Donna are staying there this weekend and invited us to come up too! So excited. It is going to be a much needed vacation after this awful week.

2. Monday morning, we got up at 5:10 to carpool with Justin to work. We got in the car, turned the key, and . . . nothing. Click, click, click. Mind you, this is our one working vehicle. We don't have another car in the garage to jump his with. We both sat there in disbelief, wondering what on earth we were going to do. Somehow, by the grace of God, Justin got it started. We got to his work and he turned the car off to make sure I'd be able to get it started again later. No such luck. It was dead as a doornail. Fortunately, Justin works with my brother-in-law, who let me borrow his Jeep for the day. Mike got our car to the shop and haggled a deal for us. It ended up being something electrical with the battery (you can tell I know a lot about cars, right?) and they fixed it for free! Praise the Lord!

3. Tuesday we successfully carpooled and that night Justin got to bring a work van home, so I could have the car on Wednesday. I actually had the day off, but wanted to run some errands. I was heading into Sparta, going 60 mph down 13 Mile when the car started beeping and telling me to "check gages." I didn't think the gages were doing anything, but I pulled into a gas station anyway. As I parked the car, I noticed smoke billowing out from under the hood! My first thought was, "Should I get Lucy out of the backseat? Is this thing about to go up in flames?" Haha. (Funny story - my nephew Tyler's car started on fire the day before! Everyone was ok, and it was just a minor fire that didn't really do any damage, but you better believe I had fire on the mind after that!) Anyway, I attempted to pop the hood but couldn't find the latch to get it open, so some old guy at the gas station helped me. He pointed out that I was completely out of coolant. Lovely. I bought some coolant and poured it in, then drove to the shop to see why my coolant would be totally gone. Turns out it was just a leak in a pipe. I begged them to fix it that day since we were already down one car, and Niki picked us up (for the second time in 2 weeks - haha). We got the car back that night after paying a nice little $118. Sigh.

4. In less depressing news, we got Lucy a letter puzzle for her birthday that is a little bit too advanced for her. But in the past week or so, she's really started to get the hang of it! I'm amazed how she remembers which letter goes with which picture. She knows K goes with key, M goes with moon (and is also for Mommy), D goes with duck (and is for Daddy), L is for "me!" Haha. She doesn't say her own name. She knows F is for fish and H is for house and A is for apple. I'm so proud!

5. We went to my parents' pool a few times this week and Lucy absolutely loved it! She was terrified of it last year, so I didn't know what to expect this year. But she plopped right down on the steps with her toys and had a blast. The water was icy cold, but I eventually got in and she loved swimming around with me. I'm so happy she likes it! We're going to spend all summer there! Especially since I got my schedule for the summer and I'm only working 2 days a week. :-/ Gotta get my tan on for the big wedding in August!!

6. So here's a controversial one for you: I'm a little surprised by how many of my friends are reading 50 Shades of Grey. There was a whole discussion on facebook the other day, and I couldn't believe how many people had read it or wanted to read it! Mostly I'm just surprised people are so vocal about it. Even if I did want to read it, I think I'd be more secretive about it! Haha. Here's an article I read about Christians reading the book. What do you think?

7.One more car-related post. I just have to say, after all the drama these past couple weeks, I don't know what people do without family. We are so blessed to have a plethora of family members just a phone call away. This week I borrowed Niki's van, Mike's Jeep, and Libby's car. Another couple family members have offered money. My mom just arranged a different ride for herself so I can borrow her van next week. And the best part is, no one ever makes us feel like a burden. Everyone is so willing to help. We are so so grateful, and hope that someday we'll be in the position to return the favor. I was telling Justin that I feel like God is trying to teach us something, and we're not getting it, so he keeps allowing these circumstances that drive us to Him. It really is kind of comforting to know that we are so out of control the only thing we can do is trust and wait upon Him. Although it's kind of terrifying too. Haha.

Thanks for all the encouragement and love, everyone. Hopefully next week will be better! :-)


  1. I'm sorry about all your crazy car drama! I really hope things calm down for a while. I totally agree with you- I don't know what people do without family!

  2. You know... reading about graphic sexual situations can really enhance a relationship. Without sounding too um, perverted, isn't it erotic to imagine doing the things in that book, with your partner? That article focuses on finding "delight in your spouse" without the aid of books or whatnot. But I think the very fact that women are so crazy about this book series, demonstrates that for many women, finding that "delight" is sometimes a struggle and these books are helping.

    Making sex something that must have rules about reading or watching movies or whatnot, implies that there is something bad or dirty in wanting to find fulfillment. There's such a difference between reading an erotic passage in a book and getting excited, and being unfaithful to your spouse. I wonder what the author of that article would think about husbands and wives reading the book together?


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