Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Week Update

Thanks to an email from, I remembered today is Lena's 6 week birthday. Time is flying!

She had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday where she weighed in at 9 lbs, 2 oz. and measured 21". She grew an inch, but hasn't really gained that much weight. I went back to look at Lucy's 6 week update. She was over 10 lbs by 6 weeks, and started out smaller! I really need to stop comparing the girls to each other because it just makes me worry.

I just told Justin I'm about ready to be done breastfeeding. :-( It's so sad because it came so much more naturally to Lena from the beginning that I thought it'd be a breeze! But I feel like she's never content. I don't know if I'm not making enough or if something I'm eating is bothering her, but I'm about ready to give formula a try just to see if it makes her feel better! 

It's still so sporadic, though. I've started keeping a "food journal" on the days she's horribly fussy. We'll see if anything really starts to stand out. 

In happier news . . .

She's finally started to "talk" a little bit. She still hasn't totally figured it out, but it's adorable to watch her try. She opens and closes her mouth, moves her tongue around, studies my mouth so closely, and occasionally squeaks out a little coo. Haha. 

She's also started smiling a little bit more, although I'm never quick enough to catch it on camera.

She's a fabulous sleeper. Even on days that she's been screaming for hours, by nighttime, she settles right down and goes to sleep. (Knock on wood!) She usually gets up once in the middle of the night to eat, and once around 5 or 6 - which I still consider the middle of the night. Haha. And she usually takes a few short naps and one long nap during the day. We haven't been having as much luck with the long nap in the past few days. 

Just for the record:

I had my 6 week checkup on Monday. I'm down 28 lbs. I know I should be thrilled with that, but I lost 32 lbs. in 2 weeks after having Lucy. (There I go comparing again!) I still have about 15 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Another reason not to stop breastfeeding! 

My stomach is disgusting. Wrinkly and saggy and covered in stretch marks. 

I still can't fit in my regular jeans. I tried on my loosest pair yesterday. I did get them buttoned, but I had a major muffin top going on - and they were skin tight. Patience, patience.

Sorry this entry was so choppy. I was having a little bit of writer's block. I'll try harder next time. :-)

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  1. This too shall pass! I hope you get the feeding thing figured out... don't feel guilty if you decide to switch to formula. Sometimes it's for their own good.

    You'll get there. Your jeans will patiently wait for you. :)


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