Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Big Move Recap

Wow - I think that's the longest I've ever gone without updating my blog! Haha. I've obviously been busy.

We're all moved in at my parents' now! It was quite honestly a grueling week. Justin used all his PTO when I had Lena, so he couldn't take any more time off. Therefore, I packed the entire house by myself (with the exception of his clothes and the garage). In one week. With a 2 year old and a newborn. Oy. I never want to do that again. Haha. 

Fortunately, we are blessed with a community of people who were so willing to help. On Monday, the ladies from my Bible Study came over to help pack. I spent all day putting stuff into piles, then they packed it all up. It was an immense help! It would've taken me days to pack what they did in a couple hours.

I snapped this picture of some of the piles I had for them to pack just before they came:

On Wednesday, we had a big snowstorm. My nephews came over and snowblowed my entire driveway, then took a huge load of stuff I had packed over to my parents' and unloaded it there! 

On Thursday, our friend Paul helped Justin load up another big load for my parents'. And on Friday Paul and Matt helped haul more stuff to my parents', and some to storage (in Paul's unfinished basement - so grateful for generous friends!). 

Also on Friday, Niki took Lucy for the day so I could hardcore finish packing and cleaning. Lena was so good and slept almost all day!

Saturday morning was the big move. My brother Luke came over to help load up some more big stuff, and I spent the morning cleaning. If we were renting to random strangers I wouldn't be so concerned with the house being super clean, but we know these people. I don't want them to know what slobs we are! ;-) 

Of course, Lena was being super fussy, so I vacuumed almost the entire house with her in my arms. It's a good thing she's unlike her sister and actually likes the sound of the vacuum! Haha.

We got our last load stuffed in the van, looked at our big empty house, and tried not to cry - well, at least I tried not to cry. Haha. I really just couldn't think about it. I got in the van and drove away without a backward glance. 

And then we invaded my poor parents. My dad has been working tirelessly to make room for us and all our stuff in their house. It was seriously a huge effort to re-distribute everything and we appreciate it so much!! 

Since then we've been unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. It's like a form of torture. I just spent a solid week packing everything only to unpack it all!! Haha. Although I kind of like unpacking and finding places for everything. That said, it's been very difficult with my two demanding children. Lena has been a bear lately and I've pretty much just paced the house with her. 

Lucy is adjusting very well. She loves being with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Luke. She's going to drive them crazy with all her begging for them to play with her. I don't think she misses the old house at all. She's fine here as long as all her stuff is here!

I have like 5 more boxes to unpack, then I'll take pictures of our new rooms upstairs. The girls' room is so adorable!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and words of encouragement! Love you all!

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  1. I'm so glad you're done! It sounds like it wasn't TOO crazy. Thank the Lord for generous, loving parents.


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