Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Saturday 7: Better Late than Never

I've been on a roll lately with getting these done in time, haven't I? I feel like I have very little to share this week that hasn't already been posted.

1. Lena is becoming more interested in food . . . or maybe I should say more willing. I actually spoon-fed half a jar of squash/pear to her this morning. Success! I like the idea of baby-led weaning, but I just worry about her getting enough variety. I can't figure out a way to get greens into her. She chokes on peas and throws beans on the floor. She did love the sweet potatoes I roasted this week. Although I pulled 3 inches of peel out of her throat. Note to self: peel the sweet potato fry before giving it to Lena.

2. Lena got another nasty cold this week. At first I thought it might be a symptom of teething. She has a couple little white dots on her bottom gum that I thought might actually sprout this week. But nothing has popped up, and she's all congested and coughing. Plus, Lucy woke up this morning coughing too. Grr. I'm beginning to think all the claims about breastfeeding boosting immunity are a pack of lies.

3. I bought myself a used Ergo for my birthday. My friend Cara knew I wanted one, and her friend was selling one ridiculously cheap, so she hooked me up! I paid $35 with shipping. (They live in California.) If you clicked on the website link, you'll see that new ones start at $115! I've tried the cheap-o Infantino, and the more pricey Baby Bjorn (both of which were free to me!), but they both killed my back. The Ergo is supposed to distribute the baby's weight between your shoulders and hips. I wore Lena in it for probably 20 minutes the other night and it really didn't hurt!
After seeing that picture, I realized I was carrying her too low, so I hiked it up some more. My only concern is that Lena wasn't a huge fan. She doesn't like facing boring ole me. She wants to see what's going on. You can see that she has her arm raised up. She kept trying to use that arm to get leverage and propel herself out of the carrier. Haha. I just did some research on their website, though, and found a way to carry her on my hip. I'm going to have to try that out.  Thanks so much, Cara, for thinking of me!

4. I made this garlic crockpot chicken this week. It was flavorless and dry. So disappointing!! You'd think with 4 cloves of garlic, it'd have a stronger taste!!

5. I think Lena's going to be walking soon. She is obsessed with holding my hands and walking around the house. And she always wants to be standing. I've been working with her on balancing. A couple times this week, she's stood on her own for a few seconds, and once she even took a step! Unreal. (She's 8 months old.)

6. I had a realization about parenting this week. You're going to think, "Well, duh!" when you read it, but it was groundbreaking for me. Here it is: My girls were born sinners. They have to be taught obedience. When Lucy screams "no!" at me, she's doing it because it's innate in her. She needs me to tell her that is wrong, explain why it's wrong, and give her appropriate alternatives. It's so easy for me to get frustrated and annoyed, and think she's acting like a little brat. I have to remember that it's up to me to teach her otherwise! Every time she acts out is an opportunity for growth. Amazing.

7. Oh, hey. My birthday is in 4 days. In case anyone was wondering. ;-)

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  1. I hope you and Lena like your new carrier! I found a Baby K'Tan for $18 yesterday, and I'm excited to try it out! I have a friend who's totally in love with hers.

    I have to say I think a lot of a person's immune system is hereditary. Or just individual makeup. Or something. Orion doesn't get sick often and takes it really well, but Desy is sick all the time. I breastfed Orion 6 months and Des for a year. Hm.

    Whoa, she's almost walking?!

    I remember realizing my baby was a sinner! Orion taught me early ;)


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