Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. The day after I wrote in Lena's 9 month update that she doesn't pull up on furniture, she did this:
See those very enticing choking hazards (aka bracelets)? That's all it took to get her to pull herself up! Haha.

2. This is her other new trick: (she doesn't really start until 9 seconds in)
She does this alllll day. Haha.

3. My mom, Justin, Lucy, and Lena all have nasty colds this week. (This is Lena's 3rd in as many months. Grr.) I've been getting sinus headaches and coughing. It's coming for me. Nooooo!!!! I had horrible headaches most of my teen years and into my early twenties. After having Lucy they all but stopped. Thank you, hormones! Let's keep that going! Having headaches again this week reminded me how awful they are . . . and what a baby I am.

4. Justin and I finally watched the last few episodes of The Office this week. I loved it! I laughed, I cried, I ran the whole gamut of emotion! (I just love the word gamut, don't you?) I especially appreciated the struggle in Jim and Pam's marriage, and how they came out stronger for it in the end. Such a great show.

5. Lucy's new favorite show is Pinky Dinky Doo. So when I got a shipment of diapers from Amazon Mom this week, I knew she'd be thrilled to play with the box. She dubbed it her own story box and went to town drawing stories on it. Lena got a box too. :-)

6. Exciting news: I finally won something!! I actually gave up on entering sweepstakes a while ago. It was sucking up too much of my time, and I wasn't winning anything. But I got an email about a Veggie Tales themed house party, and decided to try for it. Basically, I was signing up to win a party based on the new Veggie Tales Christmas movie. They'll send me party supplies, the movie, coupons for my friends to buy the movie, and a few favors. You have to promote yourself a little, so I wrote about how I host a Birthday Party for Jesus every year, and they picked me!! They want me to host it on a specific date, but it worked with my schedule, so I'm gonna do it! Woohoo! So excited to finally be a winner! :-)

7. Tonight is our annual small group Halloween party. I can't wait! My brother's girlfriend is coming over to do my hair and make up for me, since I'm totally inept and she's awesome. My costume is going to be epic as usual. :-) Stay tuned!


  1. Lena's spinning thing is actually a huge developmental thing! I have a friend who is a PT for 0-3 year olds, and once a baby can sit up on their own she starts working with them to spin. She'll put a favorite toy to one side and encourage them to turn like that and get it. I remember Ellie going round and round in her kitchen and she was excited to see a "normal" baby. :)

  2. Aw, Lena is getting big! I LOVE the picture of the girls in the boxes!! What a classic :)

    Have fun with your Veggie Tales party! It sounds awesome!


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