Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. Here's my "mother of the year" moment of the week: Lucy sleeps with a lamp on all night long. The lamp is on the floor and one morning this week, Lena crawled over to it and grabbed the light bulb. She cried for a few seconds, so I figured it must have been hot. I didn't notice til hours later that she had blisters on 2 of her fingers. The blisters have since gotten red and scabby. Yikes. Worst mom ever.

2. Our advent activity for Monday was decorating cookies with friends:
I'm pretty sure more candy/cookies/chocolate chips were eaten than cookies were decorated, but that's half the fun! ;-)
Our friends stayed and played for a few hours afterward. Lucy adores having friends to play with. I can't wait for Lena to be old enough for them to really play together.

3. We also made Christmas tree pizzas this week (which Lucy loved making, but refused to eat), watched Elf as a family, and saw the Christmas trees at Frederik Meijer Gardens.
I'm pretty sure Lena thinks trees are called "wows" because we always say "wow" when we show her our tree at home. She whispered "wow" to every tree she saw at the gardens. Lol.
This is the best video I could get. She stopped every time she saw the camera.

4. My brother bought himself an iPad during Wal-Mart's Black Friday sales, but he said I can use it anytime I want, so I set myself up an Instagram account. If you're on Instagram be prepared to be inundated by pictures of my kids and ridiculous amounts of hashtags. Ha!

5. Lena is over her cold, so I decided this week was the time to start CIO for real. Justin slept on the couch for 3 nights so she wouldn't keep him awake all night, but she actually did really well! She hasn't cried for more than half an hour since we started! That's way better than Lucy ever did. So I nurse her at 7 or 8 when she goes to bed, again at midnight, make her cry it out for the 4 am feeding, then nurse her when she wakes up at 7 or 8. Next step: get rid of the midnight feeding. 

6. I'm ridiculously excited for Christmas. I only have one more present to buy. Everything is wrapped. I have all the stocking stuff bought. This is the first year in many years that we've bought presents for our family members. Usually we're too broke. But Justin has been working two jobs to bring in some extra cash so I could go crazy with the Christmas shopping. I can't wait for everyone to open their gifts! 4 more days!

7. Merry Christmas to you all! 

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