Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. We finally celebrated Lena's birthday last weekend. We had delayed for sickness and the weather, originally, so the party wasn't until 10 days after her birthday. She's one. She doesn't know any better. :-) We had a blast, though. I found some cute plates on Oriental Trading, so went with a sock monkey "theme."

Lena looooved the cake:

2. Lena really took off walking this week. Until about Wednesday, she was still just taking a few steps here and there. But at storytime on Wednesday, I was shocked when she was standing by me one minute and took off walking to the other side of the room the next! Since then, she's been a walking machine. She looks way too small to be walking so well! Video evidence: (I was watching a few other kids this day. They're not all mine. ;-) )

3. Lucy and I did a couple fun crafts this week. On Monday, we learned about the 10 Commandments and did this craft:

4. And on Wednesday, we did an Olympic craft. Lucy loves playing with beads, and I love that it usually keeps her busy on her own. This time, she wanted me to help her sort them, but then she threaded them mostly by herself. 

5. I got 10 inches of hair chopped off this week. It's kind of my habit. I grow my hair out until I get sick of it, chop it all off and donate it, then grow it back out. Repeat.

6. The weather here is still treacherous, but I got out a lot this week. On Thursday I got together with some girlfriends at El Burrito for Mexican food, newborn baby snuggles, and childbirth talk. Haha. Seriously. It's what we always come back to: comparing birth stories. Kristy brought her 3 week old baby Toby and I held him for a long time. I was surprised it didn't ignite more baby fever in me! I think since Lena's finally sleeping through the night and becoming more independent, I'm enjoying my renewed freedom! The idea of having another newborn right now is not at all appealing. Don't get me wrong. Lord willing, there will be more babies in our future. But I'm in no hurry!!

7. I'm pretty sure Lucy spends 75% of her waking hours singing. It's usually made up songs with made up words (gibberish), or "do do do" to the tune of songs she already knows. Allllll day long. At varying volumes (although her default is LOUD). In the car, at the grocery store, while dancing in front of her mirror. She has a particular appreciation for Christmas music. It is not uncommon to hear Jingle Bells or Deck the Halls a few times a day. Although this week, I heard her singing "Lord, I need you, O I need you, every hour I need you!" *love*

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