Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. I made some good meals this week. On Monday, I made crockpot chicken and dumplings - my most viewed blog entry of all time. (It made it on Pinterest even though it's not my recipe. I feel bad for stealing the blog-views from whoever originally wrote it!)

On Tuesday night, I decided to try something I'd seen on Pinterest: quesadillas in the waffle maker. I used another trick from Pinterest that I've seen a few times, but always doubted it actually worked: shredding chicken with a Kitchenaid mixer. It was amazing!! It worked so well! I boiled two frozen chicken breasts until they were cooked, let them cool for 5 minutes in the fridge, then tossed them in the mixer and turned it on low. I threw in half a jar of corn and black bean salsa and a large handful of cheese to complete the quesadilla filling. I sprayed the waffle maker, put down one tortilla, slopped on the chicken mixture, topped it with another tortilla, and let it cook. They were delicious! I don't really think there's any benefit to using the waffle maker over the George Foreman grill, though. Some of the sauce oozed out and made a big ole mess that was impossible to clean out of all the nooks and crannies. 

And on Thursday I made meatball subs - including making the meatballs from scratch. I even snuck some spinach in them. Lucy wouldn't touch them, of course, but Lena gobbled them up!

2. Lena had her one year check up this week. She weighed in at 18 lbs, 6 oz. (27 %) and measured 27" (3%). The doctor couldn't believe she was that short, so re-measured her, but got the same results. According to their records, she's actually shrunk since her last appointment. Lol. Apparently they mis-measured her last time and she hasn't grown much if at all since then. The doctor kept saying, "I'm just flabbergasted. She's obviously healthy and growing. I can't believe she shrank." Haha. Way to flabbergast the doctor, Lena! She's just going to be a little munchkin like I was. She's also a late teether like I was. Her second tooth finally popped through on Thursday - a month after the first one! 

3. I took Lucy to the video store for the first time in her life on Thursday. We just got a membership at a place in Sparta that offers free kids' videos, so I told her she could pick a couple out. She was amazed and thought it was the best thing ever. I love how simple things can be so thrilling!

4. Lucy and I did some fun Valentine's Day activities this week. We did a Valentine's Day letter match on Tuesday.

Then on Friday, we made some Valentine's Day cards and these cute butterfly treats:

Lucy insisted on hand delivering the treats to a few of our friends. When we had all our car trouble and suggested delivering them on Saturday instead, Lucy got so upset, saying, "But today is love day!" I love that she calls it that. :-)

5. Speaking of things Lucy says . . . It finally happened. Lucy pointed to her doll's nipples and said "What are these called?" I've managed to change in front of her hundreds of times and nurse Lena for an entire year without calling them anything. I told her they were called nipples. She giggled and chanted "nipples, nipples, nipples" over and over. Lol. I shouldn't have laughed so much because now she knows it's funny.

6. I bragged to someone recently that since having kids I haven't been having nearly as many headaches as I used to. I should've kept my mouth shut. I'm going on day 3 of the same headache, and I'm ready to rip my head off. It's actually much better today, but I'm terrified that it's going to escalate back to near-migraine territory any minute now. I think it's probably hormone related, but this one could also have something to do with stress . . .

7. We got our tax return on Tuesday and I promptly paid off all our credit cards. Woohoo!!! We were on cloud 9 for two whole days, until . . . I got a phone call at 5:15 Thursday morning from Justin saying, "Just thought I'd let you know my car is dead on Pine Island. Steve picked me up for work and I'm calling the tow truck." Long story short, his transmission went out and will cost $2300 to repair. The funny thing is that my van's transmission has been acting up for months. And then it's his car that dies unexpectedly! We actually had $2500 left over after paying the credit cards, and we were so excited to have money in our savings for the first time in years! I guess God wants to keep us dependent on him. 

Yesterday, Justin took my van to go get his car keys from the repair shop. When he came home, he said "I can't believe I even made it home. Your transmission is slipping so bad." He told me not to drive it and I immediately panicked that we were going to need to buy 2 cars in the same week! He eventually found some kind of magical transmission repair fluid that got my van running again, but it's only a matter of time before it dies for good. 

Fortunately, we have had so many people offering their vehicles to drive until we can buy a new one, and even offering their own vehicles to sell at a discounted rate. Who says social media isn't a good thing? We're probably going to buy a car this weekend, and will take our time to find a new van for me that we can afford without going into debt. Ugh. Cars. 

8. Bonus point to show off my cute girls on Love Day:

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