Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Letter Match

We're still working on identifying lower case letters and remembering which upper case letter they correspond to, so we did this fun little activity this week. It's similar to the Letter Scavenger Hunt we did a couple weeks ago, but with less motion and more stickers. :-)

My original plan was to recreate this activity from Pinterest. But yesterday we made bookmarks with my scrapbooking stickers and Lucy was so enthralled by the letter stickers that I decided to go this route instead.

I started by cutting out a bunch of hearts and taping them to a big piece of kraft paper. Then I put either upper or lower case letters on each heart. I went in order alphabetically because both Lucy and I are too OCD to handle anything else. Then I gave Lucy a sheet of stickers and told her to complete the heart with the missing upper or lower case letter.

It was actually pretty challenging for her to figure out whether each heart needed the upper or lower case letter. And she's still getting hung up on lower case t, h, and n. But she loved figuring it all out.

It ended up looking so pretty, we hung it up on the wall to enjoy. :-)
Lucy insisted that I title it "Mom and Lucy's Valentine Alphabet." Haha.

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