Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. Lena turned 13 months on Sunday. It was weird to not write an update. Here are a few highlights: she's a total monkey. She amazes me every day with things she climbs on. Can't take my eye off her! She's walking everywhere. She tries to run, but her head is too heavy and she usually topples forward. Haha. She still takes 2-3 naps a day and sleeps 11 hours at night. She wakes up at 6 almost without fail every morning. Some of her new words are "amen," "no," and "up." She's a total hog and eats non-stop. We attempted to take some "one year" pictures today. So far we've got a lot of blank stares and arms reaching out toward me. We'll try again after her nap.

2. I'm making a goal for March to have 2 servings of vegetables every day. I know that's not near the recommended amount, but I have to start somewhere. Right now I have 0 servings of vegetables every day.

3. I'm thinking of devoting a point a week to "Articles I Read This Week." I seem to read so many lately thanks to Pinterest and Facebook shares. This week I read about raising our kids to be entitled over-encouraged brats.  I've struggled with this with Lucy. She seriously amazes me with what she remembers and how quickly she learns. I love to encourage her and tell her I'm proud of her. But is there a point where I take it too far? If so, how do I correct it? She's come to expect the praise now. 

I also read this Matt Walsh blog about the "anti-gay" bill in Arizona. When I first heard about the bill I did think it sounded pretty discriminatory, but that's so how the media skews it. It's also about religious liberty. These were a couple of my favorite parts:

[Because a company wouldn't make a gay couple a wedding cake, the gay couple sued and claimed they were dehumanized.] "DEHUMANIZED. Because some guy wouldn’t make a cake for their wedding. Dehumanized. Unborn babies butchered in abortion mills? Sorry, not dehumanizing. One bakery in the entire country decides not to make dessert for a gay wedding? DEHUMANIZING."

"Were any of these gay couples “harmed” by having to go back to Google and find any of a thousand other options? Perhaps their feelings were hurt. Fine. Are we saying that we have no right to do something if it might hurt someone’s feelings? Are we prepared to take that logic to its fullest extent?"

I'm not looking to start a debate. Just liked the article and thought he had some valid points. 

4. We continue to get slammed with snow. I really need to go outside and take some pictures. For now, here are a couple I snapped from inside:
I call this one "Sun Rising Over the Mountains" (aka the drift in our front yard).
We haven't been getting much mail lately. The poor mail lady has given up.
5. All that snow (and frigid, record setting, sub-zero temperatures) have incited a severe case of cabin fever. We did get out on Tuesday for a play date with Missy, Kelly, and children. That was glorious and much needed. I could've used another one on Thursday. Haha. I miss grass. And leaves. And being able to take a breath outside without ice crystals forming in your lungs. I miss going to the park and having picnics and playing outside! So on Friday, I decided it was time to quit wallowing and get out of this house. I killed two birds with one stone by telling Lucy that if she could quote all of her Bible verses she's learned to date we'd take her to Chuck E. Cheese. She rattled them off in no time and off we went. We spent 3 hours in the throes of childhood gambling. Just as we were starting to think about leaving our friend Ben showed up with his 3 kids. Lucy was thrilled to see them, so we stayed even longer! Lena was well overdue for a nap, but loved every second of the flashing lights, squealing children and dancing mice. She was also a big fan of the pizza. (Which comes as a surprise to no one.)

And then today my mom got us free tickets to an advanced screening of Mr. Peabody. She stayed home with Lena, so Justin, Lucy and I could all go. It was Lucy's and my first 3D movie. Lucy didn't keep her glasses on the whole time, but I did. Pretty schnazzy. The movie was nothing special, but it was cute, and Lucy loved being the sole receiver of our attention. :-)

6. Tomorrow marks one year since we moved in with my parents. It's been a good year, and if the recent budget revelation means anything it's that we'll have many more years here. Haha. It truly has been a good arrangement. At least on our end. I worry incessantly about being a burden to my parents, but until they tell us to leave, we pay off all our student loans, or we profit $50,000 off our house, I think we'll be staying here.

7. I saved my last point to say thank you so much for all the sweet words of encouragement and advice from so many of you after my meltdown post earlier this week. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone and encouraging to be reminded by so many of you that outward beauty is so trivial. I'm blessed to have such a great community of friends and family who love me despite my lack of tall, fashionable boots. ;-)

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