Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. I recently joined a facebook group about being a healthy, fit mom. Since I stopped breastfeeding I've noticed my jeans are getting a little tight. I'm about 15 pounds over my healthy weight. But I'm not sure I'm really ready to commit to eating healthy or working out. Haha. I like to stalk the people on facebook doing their workouts and eating their healthy food while I sit on the couch eating cookies and drinking 32 oz. Dr Peppers. I've got problems.

2. Last weekend we ran out of overnight diapers for Lucy. She has been totally day-time potty trained for almost 2 years and yet she continues to completely drench her diaper at night. For a long time I just thought she wasn't ready physically, but I finally decided to test it and see how much of it was willful. The first night she slept all night and woke up dry!! I couldn't believe it! Since then we've had 2 more dry nights and 3 nights of Lucy appearing next to my bed in the middle of the night whispering "Mommy, I went potty in my undies." Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of laundry. But we're going to keep chugging along and hope it clicks soon!

3. I've been working on Lucy's abominable eating habits again. I made her eat our dinner a couple nights this week. She surprised me by actually taking a few bites instead of flat out refusing to eat anything. And I discovered a new meal to add to her limited repertoire: pickle wraps without the pickles. Haha. Lena, on the other hand, continues to eat pretty much anything I give her. This week, I bought those squeezable fruit/veggie things for the first time. 
Like this, only the Meijer brand.
I was really hoping it'd be a way to get some vegetables in Lucy, but she completely refused to try them. Lena, however, is obsessed with them, and would eat about 14 a day if I would let her. 

4. I think this was the only article I read this week. It's about America's ungodly obsession with sports. This is one of those articles that is easy for me to share because it was not at all convicting for me. Haha. I hate sports. I'm not looking forward to my kids playing sports. I have no desire to be a soccer mom. I never played high school sports of any kind. At my tiny Christian school, the way to be cool was by being an athlete. You can imagine where I fell on the coolness spectrum, then. So I've always kind of resented sports. (Which is ironic, considering who I married.) I do understand that playing sports has value. It teaches discipline and teamwork and probably a whole bunch of other buzzwords. I do want my girls to play sports so that they can enjoy the camaraderie and built-in friendships of a team, and so that as they get older they can have a physical activity they enjoy so they're not total couch potatoes like me. But America's obsession with professional sports is so out of control. I saw something on pinterest once that said something to the effect of "It's amazing how a guy carrying a pig's bladder receives more money and recognition than the soldier risking his life in Afghanistan." Seriously.

5. I realized recently that next year (2015) is going to be a big year for our family. Justin and I will both turn 30, we'll celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (yes, we were young when we got married - haha), and . . . *sob* . . . Lucy will start Kindergarten!!! It's been a good realization for me. I'm horrified at the thought of her being away from me all day, so I've been trying to remember to cherish our moments together. (And no, I'm not horrified enough to consider homeschooling. Lol.)

6. I bought myself a book called The Mission of Motherhood (by Sally Clarkson) three months ago and just finally started reading it this week. I really like it. It has a lot of practical advice and ideas. This is one of my favorite lines: "All that God desires from any of us is a desire to serve him and a trust that he can make up the difference for the things we lack." (pg 83) I feel like I lack a lot. I feel like I'm totally inept most of the time. One of our biggest struggles is Lucy's fits. She's so moody and sensitive. Everything sets her off. And I don't know how to handle it. I never give in to her desires. I think that's the most important step. But she will cry and wail and throw herself on the floor or stomp away screaming "you ruined my life!" Her fits last forever. I'm not against her showing some emotion, but I don't think it's appropriate for her to react so strongly and carry on so long. I don't know how to make her stop, though. I've tried spanking her - it just makes the screaming and crying worse. I've tried putting her in time out - she screams and cries in time out. I've tried taking away privileges. You can imagine how well that stops the crying. Ugh. I'm open to reasonable suggestions. 

7. I've noticed a few of my friends making "30 Before 30 Bucket Lists" and I was thinking about what I'd put on mine if I were to do one. When Justin and I were first married, I originally planned on being done having kids by the time I was 30. But that would mean having a baby next year. Whoa. Not ready for that. Also not sure I'm ready to be done after the next kid. I'm really hoping I do someday feel an overwhelming urge to be done. A lot of my friends have had babies recently and I'm remembering how much I loved giving birth and how much I love that newborn phase. I'm going to need to have like 30 babies. I can't imagine never doing that again!

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  1. I really like this post... I relate to a lot of it!

    As for Lucy's fits, it's obviously hard to give advice because I don't know her like you do and every child is SO different, but I can tell you what works for us. Sit her down in a chair or something in a room out of your sight and make her stay there until she can calm down and stop crying. If she won't stay in the chair you can either continue putting her back until she stays, or tell her you will spank her if she gets up before she is done crying (for disobedience). It may take a while, but it gives her time to work through her feelings and teaches her that throwing a fit doesn't affect you or get her anything. Like you said, she is allowed to experience feelings, but she needs to learn to take control of them and not use them as weapons. It may or may not work for you, but that's what works at our house, especially with Des. Good luck... It's a hard one!!

    I totally know what you mean... I dread the day when I'll never be pregnant again! Such a depressing thought!!


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