Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Think Spring" Mural

The weather is horrible. I don't ever remember such a cold March. March is supposed to mean temps in the 40s and occasional 50s. It's supposed to bring sunshine and rain and thunderstorms. Not snow and more snow and below 0 temps. I don't know how much more I can take! So Lucy and I decided to make a "think spring" craft. It was inspired by this picture from Pinterest.

Here's our take:

It was a nice multi-step craft that we spread out over the whole day. First, Lucy drew on the flower stems with a green marker. Then she ripped up pieces of tissue paper, crumpled them into flowers, and glued them on. She got bored of "crafting" at this point, so we left it for a while. Later we came back and painted the sky and a paper plate sun. While we waited for those to dry we made coffee filter birds. This is one of her favorite projects. We've used this method for suncatchers, Easter eggs, and butterflies in the past. Color on a coffee filter with markers, spray with a water bottle, watch the colors bleed, let dry. We added some legs, a beak, and an eye to each bird, then slapped them on the mural. Voila! Spring on paper. Now if only we can get it in real life as well . . .

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