Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Bride for Keeps

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How am I doing with "branching out" from the inspirational fiction genre? Haha. Justin and I went on a one night getaway to Auburn Hills this weekend and I took the opportunity away from my distractions to read to my heart's content. I read "3" books in 2 days. I say "3" because one of the books was a novella and I didn't realize it 'til I reached the abrupt ending (the downfall of reading on a Kindle). There was an "arranged marriage" theme in all three books. I told you that's my favorite. Haha.

This book doesn't really need reviewing. I told Justin exactly what would happen before I even started. They'll get married in name only because they both need each other for something. It'll be awkward for a while. Then there will be a tragedy that draws them together. They'll be close to consummating their marriage when some secret will come out or something will happen that drives them apart. Hope will seem lost for a while, but eventually they'll come to their senses and admit to each other how much they love the other. I was right. That's pretty much precisely what happened. Haha. But I still love reading it. :-) 

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