Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. I got all ambitious with my cooking again this week. I made two new meals . . . and didn't like either of them. This is why I just stick with what I know and love. Haha.

First, was white cheese and chicken lasagna that was incredibly labor intensive and time consuming.
3 pots on the stove and the kitchen-aid! Way too much work!
I thought with the amount of  cheese that I added to it, it would have to taste amazing. No such luck. Bland and a little icky.

The other meal I tried was roasted chicken and veggies with a McCormick sauce packet. I think it was butter garlic herb or something like that. Again - bland and gross. I didn't even eat it. Fail.

2. The one good thing I made this week was homemade chocolate cake. Lucy's new youtube obsession is watching baking videos. For school this week, we're working on the long a sound so we did a little worksheet about "-ake" words. I decided to run with the cake theme and told Lucy we were going to bake a cake. I even set up the video camera so she could post her own baking video to youtube. (The video is here if you're incredibly bored and want to watch 15 minutes of bad video footage of Lucy and I making a cake. I set the camera a little too low so you can't see that I have my hair in a bun on top of my head and I definitely look like a cancer patient. Haha. Oh, and I'm chewing gum the whole time, which I never realized looked so obnoxious.)

Lucy was in her glories. We had a blast making a double layer chocolate cake. It was only my second layer cake ever. And I made my own "buttercream" frosting for the first time. It didn't firm up very well, but at least it tasted good! (How could it not with 2 sticks of butter and 4 cups of powdered sugar??) I let Lucy frost it herself . . .
It ended up being the exact same color as the sweater I was wearing that day. Haha.

It was deeeeeelicious:

3. Ok, that was a couple of super long points about food. Moving on . . . I read two books this week: The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) and Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus. I've given up trying to fight the inspirational fiction. I'm just not going to include it in my 30 Before 30. I wrote a review on The Cuckoo's Calling here. It wasn't my favorite. I loved Ransome's Honor though, and stayed up 'til 2 am Thursday night to finish it. It has two sequels that I've already requested from the library and can't wait to read. I've been thinking about giving myself some more parameters for the 30 Before 30. I have about 5 more Christian Living books I want to read. But other than that I'm kind of floundering. I've seen a few lists on Pinterest of "12 Books to Read this Year" that have interesting requirements. Like: a book you should've read in high school but didn't, a book your mom loves, a book you own but have never read, etc. We'll see what I can come up with . . .

4. I've been thinking about "donating" plasma. Justin and my sisters have been doing it for a while and raking in the dough. Originally, I flat out refused to try it. I tend to pass out when I get my blood drawn. I can't imagine sitting with a needle in my arm for an hour. But I've also been thinking it would be so nice to start saving for Christmas . . . and seriously, if I can give birth (with a much bigger needle in my back for hours on end) I can give plasma, right?

5. This week, Lena suddenly started identifying triangles. I've never taught her shapes. She just picked it up somewhere. A tractor drove by our house with an orange triangle sign on the back and she shouted "triangle!" Then later, I was sitting cross legged and she pointed at the shape my legs made and declared, "triangle!" She can't identify any other shapes, though. And she is just not getting colors. She has no concept despite my best efforts. Haha. Maybe she's color blind? (Or maybe I should just cut her some slack . . .)

6. Yesterday, I woke up with a splitting headache and an intense pain that spread from my neck, down to my shoulder and back. I was in agony. Justin had the day off, so he took the girls out for lunch. I laid down for a short nap at 12:30 and didn't wake up until 4:30!!! There's seriously something wrong with me. On Saturdays, Justin gets up with the girls and I sleep 'til 10:30 or 11. I don't wake up a million times. I don't toss and turn. I just seriously sleep that long!

7. We got our taxes done on Tuesday. I don't know how we always end up bringing home so much money, but I'm not complaining. We'll be able to pay off the stupid transmission for my car and have a good chunk leftover. I'm dreaming about a family vacation to Disney World, but we should probably put it toward the student loans. Stupid responsibility . . .

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  1. I always get so bummed out when my recipes fail. I tried two tonight that I think you would like... I'll send them to you on Pinterest.

    I tried to donate plasma once but they rejected me because one of my veins was too small...? I was kind of relieved :P

    Yay taxes!! The happiest time of the year for we poor people :D We actually got to put most of it in savings this year for the first time!


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