Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. Since selling our house, we've been trying to really stick to a budget. A long time ago, I started an account at, but I gave up quickly when we continually went over budget. Haha. Now that we've paid off a lot of our debt and don't have such huge bills looming over our heads, we're much more capable of staying within budget. It's much more fun this way! Although the most fun would be no budget at all . . .

2. I made a couple good meals this week. On Tuesday, I used some leftover ham in a quiche. I got a recipe from allrecipes that turned out so well!

And on Thursday I tried a new McCormick sauce packet. It was called "Sesame Chicken," but didn't actually taste much like the sesame chicken I get at the Chinese place. It was still pretty good! A little bland, but mostly delicious.

3. I read another inspirational fiction book this week. (My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade) I think I'm going to exclude all the inspirational fiction from my 30 Before 30, but I'll probably still keep reading them because I love them. Nothing I've read yet has convinced me to abandon them totally. I've loved all the Becky Wade books I've read because they're so modern and hilarious. She talks about googling, Pinterest, texting, etc.

4. We actually did school this week. We started two big subjects I've been putting off: long vowels and telling time. We just scratched the surface this week, but she seems to be catching on so far. My cousin Esther came over on Friday to reassure me that Lucy's prepared enough for Kindergarten. She's a preschool teacher and showed me her curriculum. I'm pretty sure Lucy's good. Whew! It's a good thing. Kindergarten screening is in March! Ahhhhh!!!!!!

5. For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to try something different. I found an idea on Pinterest for a "year of dates." Thanks to the facebook community, the dating divas website, and my own brilliance, I came up with 12 dates for the next 12 months. Some of them are simple and cheap, some are more expensive and detailed. Some are geared specifically toward Justin's interests, some will be more up my alley. But hopefully we'll enjoy them all together! I wrote each of the dates on a card and sealed them in an envelope. He doesn't get to open them until the corresponding month, so he didn't actually get to open much today. Haha. But it's going to be fun to be surprised throughout the year!

6. Part of the reason I pre-planned all those dates is because we are really bad at actually going out on a regular basis. We have live in babysitters, but I'm so paranoid about taking advantage of them. And I have major anxiety about leaving the girls. Don't get me. On Thursday afternoons I'm ready to be away from them. But when it comes down to actually kissing them goodbye and getting in the death-trap-called-a-car the anxiety comes crashing in. So let me just point out how much I must love my husband that I was willing to go out on a date with him today of all days. It was 10 degrees, windchills below zero, a winter storm warning, and a serious blowing and drifting problem. This was the view one minute from our house:
This is a view of the road. Not the sky.
It got much better once we got to the main roads, but we were still 10 minutes late to the movie. We finally saw the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I don't think we actually missed much of the movie (just the previews) and we both really liked the movie. I might have to read the books so I don't have to wait til December to find out the conclusion! On our way home, we stopped at Qdoba for Buy One Get One Free smothered queso burritos. They were amaaaaaazing. New favorite thing.

7. So after all my big talk about how much I sacrificed to go on a date with my husband in the snow, and how awesome my Valentine's day present for him was, he totally blindsided me with the most amazing present ever. He secretly asked my closest friends/sisters/mom to write down what they love about me. He knows how much I struggle with my self-esteem and wanted to show me that people really do love me. My friends had such sweet things to say! Thank you so much to all of them who participated! And thank you so much to my sweet, sweet husband for arranging it!

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