Friday, February 27, 2015

The "Saturday" 7

I'm leaving for girls' weekend tonight, so you're getting an advance edition of the Saturday 7!

1. We didn't do an iota of school this week. This is why I can't homeschool. I get bored and give up. Ha. We have been reading a ton, though. I found a few Christian chapter book series that are perfect for Lucy. (The Cul de Sac Kids by Beverly Lewis and The Three Cousins Detective Club by Elspeth Campbell Murphy) Reading is a perfect substitute for learning, right? Oy.

2. I've been reading a ton as well. This week I read the Ransome Trilogy. I actually read both books 2 and 3 on Wednesday. And I read another Becky Wade book (Undeniably Yours). I'm loving everything by her, but she's a new author and only has 3 books out. (The 4th is coming out in April!) I did read one other book, but it was such a cliche Christian romance I'm not even going to share the title because it's embarrassing. Lol. I got into the bad habit of reading until 1 or 2 in the morning multiple times this week. It's just the only time I get the chance to sit and read without interruptions!

3. I feel the need to record that we've been hit with another brutal winter this year. We actually haven't had that much snow, but the temperatures have been consistently hovering at or below zero. (The actual temperature as I'm typing this at 8:30 am is -2) And if the wind picks up at all, the wind chills get dangerously low. We rejoice when the temperature hits 20*! Not only is it an inopportune time to be a stay at home mom cooped up with bored, restless kids, it's also very bad for our wood usage. We have an outdoor wood burner that keeps our house toasty warm . . . as long as we keep it full of wood. My poor dad slaves away all spring, summer, and fall chopping, stacking, and hauling wood like the industrious ant. But on Tuesday this week, the wood burner was out of wood by 10 am. (Usually, my dad fills it at 6 am and it lasts until he gets home at 3:30). Like the wimp I am, I refused to refill the scary furnace and packed up my kids and went to Niki's nice warm apartment instead. But as of Tuesday, we only had about a week's worth of wood left. :-( Nobody panic. My dad will get us some more this weekend. (Which I feel terrible about - if we weren't living here, soaking up so much heat, my parents wouldn't go through half as much!) It's just another reason winter is the devil and we all need to pack up and move to Hawaii.

4. Lena has suddenly started speaking in long sentences and even putting little paragraphs together! One day this week, she counted the stairs as I carried her down them. When we got to the bottom she said, "Good counting, Eena! Getting so big! Growing up!" Haha. And she's even started to learn how to phrase things correctly. She used to say, "Hold you" every time she wanted someone to pick her up. Now she's started to say "Mommy hold Eena" or even "Mommy hold me." My brother was here on Sunday and he marveled at how much she's grown up since he saw her two weeks ago.

5. So remember how I was all excited about my budget? Well we've made it to the end of the month and I'm not so excited anymore. Haha. We went $249 over budget and the month's technically not even over! There are just too many unexpected expenses. We had to renew Justin's license plate tabs. We had to pay a fee for the financial aid application for Algoma Christian. Justin had to go to the chiropractor (because he fell down our stairs and dislodged a couple ribs! ouch!). And of course, I went $68 over the grocery budget. Ugh. Money.

6. Lucy got her hair cut this week. We've cut it at home before, but she really wanted to go to the salon this time. She loved it and did so great.
Lol. Dorky smile.
Before and after. Didn't cut much off. Just got rid of the dead stuff. It's looking so much nicer now!
7. Our biggest excitement of the week was winning tickets to Disney on Ice! I "like" our local library's branch on facebook and noticed they were running a contest last week. All you had to do was comment on their status with what book you were currently reading to be entered in a contest for a 4 pack of Disney on Ice tickets. I commented and forgot all about it. On Monday, I was scrolling through my facebook feed and saw that they had posted the winner: me! They didn't even tag me in it. I just happened to see it. Haha. I went back to see how many people had entered and discovered I was one of only 4, so my odds were pretty good. Haha. (Yay for small towns!)

I debated about bringing Lena, but knew she'd never sit still for two hours and I'd just be chasing her up and down the stairs. So we invited Lucy's best friend, Presley instead. They had so much fun together.

I loved watching them watch the show. At first, Lucy was scared of the loud music:

But she got used to it quickly and was in awe of the show. The first few acts included Mickey and Minnie, Lion King, and the Little Mermaid. She's familiar with all of those and loved it. She was especially impressed when the guys lifted the girls and did tricks. (I was too.)

It was a great show. The girls and I really enjoyed it! (Justin was a little more ambivalent to it. Haha.) And I smuggled candy and Capri Suns in my purse so I didn't have to pay concession prices for snacks. :-) Thanks, KDL!

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  1. Reading is GREAT for learning!

    Sorry about the dumb unexpected expenses :( Budgeting is not super fun, especially if you have to go in the red.

    Yay free stuff!! Disney on ice sounds like fun :)


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