Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. Last Saturday, we went on the first of our "Year of Dates" that I made Justin for Valentine's Day. March's date was watching a March Madness game at Buffalo Wild Wings. Saturday worked best for our schedules/babysitter so Justin picked the game he most wanted to see (since I don't have an opinion). It was actually kind of awkward to sit at the table for over an hour while we waited for the game to finish - long after our food was gone. We tipped the waitress well . . . After the game, we cashed in the free movie tickets Justin won on a radio show and went to see McFarland. It was actually a really good movie! We stopped at Meijer afterward and didn't get home til midnight! We are getting way too old for that. Haha.

2. I got Lena's cold this week. I am such a baby when I'm sick. I did pretty much nothing all week. A lot of lounging and reading and napping and whining. I managed to make dinner most nights, I kept up with laundry, but I didn't do any cleaning beyond that. By Thursday night, I had almost no voice left. Lena kept bringing me books to read her and I kept whispering, "I'm sorry, honey. I can't read tonight." She was so flabbergasted. I never say no to reading! I felt great on Friday, but woke up today nauseous with a pounding headache that I haven't been able to shake. And Lena woke up today with another fever, after over a week of being fever-free! She doesn't have any other symptoms, though, other than taking a long nap, so I'm hoping it's just that last stinkin' eye tooth trying to poke through. Lucy coughed til she puked Monday night, but has been fine since then. (Aren't you so happy you have my family's health update? Ha.)

3. This week, I read Sparkly Green Earrings (Melanie Shankle), The Choice (Suzanne Woods Fisher), When Lightning Strikes (Brenda Novak), The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins), Made to Last (Melissa Tagg), and From a Distance (Tamera Alexander). Wow. I didn't realize how many that was until I wrote it all out. Haha. Sparkly Green Earrings was a Christian memoir about motherhood. Hilarious and fun. The Choice was an Amish book. I don't think I've read an Amish book since high school (when I binged on them and read every one ever written). I actually really enjoyed The Choice, though. (The Kindle version is free right now!) I still love those Amish people.

4. I got this in an email this week:
It is my distinct pleasure to welcome Lucy to t________ Christian School.  We are delighted to have your daughter join our community.  All indications tell us that Lucy will be a great addition to our school!
(Sorry about the censorship. I'm suddenly becoming wary of posting too many personal details on this public blog. Most of you know the school I'm talking about.)

Woohoo! So basically, as long as she doesn't bite someone or foam at the mouth during the social readiness test, I think she's in. ;-)

5. We're really struggling to keep to the budget this month. As of Thursday, I had $25 left for groceries. So I went to the much acclaimed Aldi's for the first time ever. Meh. I was impressed by some of the prices, but for the most part, their prices are the same as the sale prices I get at Meijer. It wouldn't usually be worth the drive, but since I was already going to be on Alpine, it worked out. I still spent $24.13, so I have 87c to last us til April. Time to start making some cheap meals!!

6. So in case you haven't seen it, here's the article that took facebook by storm this week: What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside). So amazing. So what I've been trying to tell myself for months (years?). I had a glorious childhood. I felt loved and nurtured and appreciated. But my parents did not play with us 24/7. My mom was a stay at home mom, but she didn't feel it necessary to entertain us all day every day. And we didn't think any less of her as a result. We used our imaginations, we watched TV, we wrestled with each other, we made up ridiculous games, we played outside (and stole corn from the farmer's field - not recommended). I know my kids are still a little too young for such a complete lack of supervision, but I need to constantly remind myself that it's fine for them to entertain themselves. I also need to remind myself that I don't need to worry about what other people think of me. I'm so paranoid that people are going to judge me for how much TV my girls watch, how little I play with them, how often I say, "Not right now. Go play." (I'm not really sure who these imaginary all-knowing people are, but I fear them nonetheless.) I need to just get over it and live my life.

7. My head hurts too much to think of a seventh. Instead, enjoy this hilarious picture:

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