Friday, April 17, 2015

3rd Annual Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

It's that time of year again! I love doing these and seeing how different things are from year to year. (2013. 2014.)We've been busy all week, but yesterday I knew we were just going to stay home, so I figured it'd be a good day to represent our daily life. I was completely honest about how much screen time my girls have and how many no-bake cookies I eat. Try not to judge me too harshly. ;-)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

5:10 Lola is standing by my bed crying pitifully. Get up and lock her out of my bedroom.
5:43 Lola is banging on my door incessantly. Get up and feed the stupid cat.
5:47 Back to bed.
6:39 Lena starts calling “Mommy! Wanna get up!”
6:40 Get Lena and her menagerie of stuffed animals out of crib as she tells me she soaked through her jammies.
6:41 Grab her some clean jammies and head downstairs.
6:42 Change Lena’s diaper and clothes.
6:44 Get Lena a cup of juice/water. (75% water, 25% juice)
6:46 Back in bed with Lena. Turn on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on Netflix.
6:47 I doze off
6:54 Lena throws her cup at my head and declares she’s all done.
7:00 Lena says, “I wanna sit by you” which means she wants to lay on my pillow. Re-arrange all her stuff and snuggle up next to her.
7:08 Lucy starts shouting for me. (Very early for her) I get up to see what she wants. She wants me to carry her down the stairs.
7:09 Carry Lucy down the stairs, deposit her in my bed, climb back in between her and Lena.
7:15 Lucy finds my Kindle and starts watching incredibly annoying Disney Toy Collector YouTube videos.
7:18 Lena wants to “watch eggs” on my phone. Find my phone, search for “kinder eggs” on YouTube.
7:19 I doze again while Lena climbs on me.
7:40 Lena starts yelling that she “really wants to get up.”
7:43 I finally get up, get some clothes on
7:46 Type “My Little Pony” into YouTube for Lucy
7:47 Put my contacts in and brush my teeth while Lena yells unintelligibly for me from the bedroom.
7:49 Go to my room to see Lena standing on my bed with her arms full of stuffed animals yelling, “Get me up, Mommy!”
7:50 Change Lena’s diaper while she sings “hi-ho-derry-o”
7:52 Get Lena more to drink
7:53 Put a bagel in the toaster
7:54 Warm up the coffee my dad made for me this morning
7:56 Put butter on my bagel while Lena begs me to hold her.
7:58 Sit down with my breakfast, coffee, and computer.
7:59 Find “eggs” on my phone for Lena again while I wait 10 years for my computer to turn on.
8:00 Type up everything I’ve written down so far this morning.
8:04 Notice Trouble [the cat] sniffing my bagel. Move it before she starts to lick it.
8:11 Facebook
8:14 Type in “My Little Pony Apple Jack” on Kindle/YouTube for Lucy. Back to facebook.
8:17 Look up “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” on my phone/YouTube for Lena. Back to facebook.
8:19 Lena wants to watch “balls” on my phone. I have no idea what she’s talking about. Search for stuff until she’s satisfied.
8:21 Lena steals half of my bagel. Back to facebook.
8:27 Check and respond to emails
8:37 Make Lucy some breakfast (waffle and a cup of milk). Make Lena another bagel.
8:41 Dig a coupon out of my purse for my mom.
8:42 Catch up on my blog reader, read my past two years’ “Day in the Life”
9:04 Tell Lucy to turn off the TV/Kindle and start doing her chores. Lena begs to go outside.
9:08 Check my credit card and bank accounts. Enter a few expenses in my budget.
9:14 Check my TimeHop
9:16 Text Niki about babysitting my girls tomorrow.
9:18 Search for index cards. Make flashcards for Lucy while girls play upstairs.
9:24 Bring Lena down the stairs. Take her binky away. She throws herself on the floor crying. Finish flashcards.
9:27 Search my Pinterest boards for an easy craft while Lena begs to go outside again.
9:30 Start Lucy on her craft.
9:33 Set out some frozen ground beef to thaw for dinner.
9:38 Flashcards with Lucy while Lena plays with Easter eggs
9:46 Clear table and get Lucy some construction paper and glitter glue. Throw eggs on floor for Lena to play with.
9:48 Throw my hair in a bun
9:49 Change Lena’s diaper
9:51 Set Lena up at the table to play with glitter glue. Do her hair.
9:53 Turn on radio. Clean Lucy’s desk/homeschool area
10:05 Get Lena down, clean the glitter off of her
10:06 Put Lena’s paper up high so she can’t smear it. She hangs on me crying for it.
10:07 Lucy finds a CD in one of her workbooks. I determine that it’s a computer game. Put it in computer for her. Resume cleaning.
10:14 Help Lucy with game.
10:15 Help Lena stuff books into a box
10:16 Back to cleaning.
10:22 Lucy insists she’s starving. I get both girls a banana.
10:26 Take out the overflowing trash.
10:28 Search for Lucy’s My Little Ponies
10:30 Try to throw away some of Lucy’s old crafts. She notices and insists on saving every scrap.
10:31 Throw Lena’s uneaten bagel in the trash
10:32 Take care of the glitter glue, wipe down the table.
10:36 Go to the bathroom. Lucy stands outside the door asking when it’s going to be time for lunch. Lena peeks under the door yelling, “I want you come out!”
10:37 I come out of the bathroom to Lena handing me a piece of chewed up banana. Finish cleaning.
10:40 Sit down to read with Lucy.
10:42 Lena wants to color. Give her some paper and weed the “non-washable” markers out of the container. Sit her at Lucy’s [now clean] desk to color.
10:44 Back to reading to Lucy
10:58 Lena joins us to read
11:09 Done reading. I put the tops back on Lena’s markers.
11:10 Help Lena color in her giraffes for the 1KBK thing. Find her cup.
11:11 Lena breaks Lucy’s craft. I struggle to fix it and Lena sings, “Keep trying, you’ll get better!”
11:12 Sit down at computer to type this stuff up. Computer decides it’s time to install updates and restarts.
11:13 Lucy gets all up in my face begging for lunch and for me to play with her. I tell her to please leave me alone so I can do my computer work for a few minutes. She runs away crying.
11:14 Lena carries a huge book into the living room. Lucy follows her and Lena screams at her to leave her alone.
11:15 I read an article on my phone and tell the girls to be nice to each other. Lena throws her book on the floor.
11:16 Lucy goes into the school room to do some workbooks. Lena picks up her book and says, “I not sad now.”
11:22 Computer has finally restarted. Sit down to type. Lena puts on a stethoscope and says, “I stethoscope you.” Lean forward to let her check my heart.
11:26 Lena runs past me yelling, “I poopin’!”
11:27 Lena comes back and declares “I got it out!”
11:28 Change Lena’s diaper. She notices her freckle on her knee and whines at me to “get it off!” I tell her for the thousandth time that freckles don’t come off.
11:31 Check facebook
11:34 Take a quiz about Disney movies on my severely lagging computer. 12/12!
11:38 More facebook while girls act crazy and silly, laughing together.
11:46 Get Lena some cheese
11:47 Help Lucy find tortillas
11:48 Clear counter so Lucy can make cheese roll-ups
11:49 Get Lena’s step stool, break up a fight between the girls
11:50 Snatch Lena off stool after she starts spilling cheese everywhere
11:51 Pour myself a glass of Dr Pepper. Help Lena push “start” on the microwave.
11:53 Help Lucy roll up and cut her roll-up
11:54 Refill the girls’ drinks, get napkins, get the girls to the table, tell Lucy to pray.
11:57 Wash grapes and put them in bowls for the girls
11:58 Read to the girls
12:06 Make Lucy another roll-up, get her some more grapes
12:08 Back to reading
12:11 Take a phone call
12:15 Get Lena more grapes
12:17 Back to reading
12:20 Make Lucy another roll-up
12:22 Clean kitchen
12:27 Make Lena another roll-up, back to cleaning
12:30 Lena declares her roll-up too hot, asks me to put it in the fridge. Make another one for Lucy (they’re small tortillas!)
12:33 Give Lena her now-cool roll-up, finish kitchen, start picking up the rest of the house.
12:39 Pause to do a puzzle with Lena, finish cleaning
12:45 Get dressed
12:49 Come out of my bedroom to see Trouble sitting on Lucy’s stool licking her lips. Take care of girls’ dishes.

12:50 Take girls upstairs. Change Lena’s diaper. Get her dressed. Sing 2 songs, say a prayer, pop her in bed.
1:00 Read one chapter of Junie B. Jones Has a Monster UnderHer Bed to Lucy. Turn on her CD.
1:10 Come downstairs. Grab a piece of cold leftover Pizza Hut pizza.
1:12 Climb into bed with pizza and computer. Turn on Gilmore Girls.
1:13 Facebook, email, Trivia Crack
1:32 More pizza!
1:40 Start reading book on my Kindle.
2:05 Lucy comes downstairs
2:10 Lucy asks me to help her open the battery compartment of her Dreamlite.
2:13 Lucy searches for batteries, gives up, and turns on a Tinkerbell movie. I go back to my reading.
2:25 Justin gets home (it’s his short day). I go out to say hi to him, check the mail he brought in, grab a few no-bake cookies to share with Lucy.
2:31 Give a cookie to Lucy, eat mine while reading.
2:56 Justin brings Lena downstairs. She sits on my lap and watches “Neighbor” on my phone while I finish my book.
3:10 Done reading.
3:13 Facebook
3:26 Clean up the paper plates and glasses that have accumulated on my night stand. Clean cookie crumbs out of the bed.
3:31 Fold and put away a load of towels and sheets I left in the dryer overnight. Lucy finishes her movie.
3:37 Change Lena’s diaper and take her binky away. She falls on the ground crying.
3:38 Tell Lucy to get dressed so we can go outside.
3:40 Take Lena outside. Play with the ride on toys. Blow bubbles.

3:58 Lucy comes outside. More bubbles. Watch Lucy on the slide.

4:12 Go inside to make dinner. Justin goes out with the girls.
4:16 Pour myself a glass of Dr Pepper, turn on some Selah and start making cheesy potatoes.
4:24 Make meatloaf. Put it in the oven.
4:33 Clean up kitchen.
4:48 Take a shower while dinner cooks and Justin is entertaining the girls outside.
5:11 Trivia Crack. Sit on couch talking to Mom. Play with crazy Lena while Lucy plays on her Leap Pad.
5:31 Clear table.
5:33 Force Lucy to put down the Leap Pad and set the table.
5:34 Pull dinner out of the oven.
5:41 Cut up some meatloaf for Lena. Spread liberally with ketchup.
5:42 Lucy declares she’s not going to eat.
5:44 Sit down to eat. Lena actually eats all her meatloaf and asks for more! I could cry!
5:58 Justin reads a short devotion.
6:00 Lucy reads her sight words
6:03 Clear the table. Justin puts the dishes in the dishwasher while I put leftovers in Tupperware and wash the pans.
6:18 Puzzles with Lena
6:44 Lena reads books to me
6:52 There’s a knock at the door. It’s our neighbor delivering girl scout cookies!
6:55 Eat cookies while watching Wheel of Fortune with Mom
7:11 Help Lucy get a game out of the closet. Play it with her.
7:30 Jeopardy
7:37 Lena climbs on my lap and reads me another book.
7:53 Lena starts crying to go to bed so she can have her Binky. I tell her no and hold her while she cries.
8:00 Trivia Crack and Big Bang Theory
8:17 Get sick of Lena’s crying. Change her diaper. Bring her around to kiss Grandma, Lucy, and Daddy goodnight. Give her her Binky, take her upstairs. Change her into pajamas. Rock and sing 5 songs, say a prayer, put her in bed with a kiss on the head.
8:31 Pick up house while my mom reads to Lucy.
8:37 Bring Lucy upstairs. Read one chapter of Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business, say a prayer, sing The Hokey Pokey (?? Her request). Turn on her CD. Kiss her good night.
8:45 Grab two no-bake cookies, pour a glass of milk and sit down with my Kindle. Facebook, Trivia Crack, Spades, download a book from the library’s website.
9:02 Lucy calls for water. Bring her a cup.
9:14 Start reading Dear Mr. Knightley
9:46 Hear scratching and thumping from inside the wall. Both cats run to investigate. I run to the bedroom and jump in bed telling Justin to protect me from the mouse.
9:58 Watch one episode of Parks and Rec with Justin while reading my book.
12:54 Finish my book. Oops!
12:55 Take pills, take my contacts out. Go upstairs to check on girls.
1:01 Finally get in bed! Know that I’m going to regret this in the morning . . .

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