Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. This week, I read Within My Heart (Tamera Alexander), Take a Chance on Me (Susan May Warren), It Had to Be You (Susan May Warren), and Instant Prairie Family (Bonnie Navarro). I realized that on April 10, I'll be halfway to my 30th birthday and my deadline for 30 Before 30. As of today, I've read 13 books, so I need to read two more (non-inspirational fiction) before Friday to keep up. I have stacks of books I could be reading, but all I want to read are sappy romances. Oy.

2. The other day, my dad asked me to return some of his books to the library. He said, "I'd ask you to pick up some new ones for me, but I don't trust your taste. I don't understand how you can read the same genre all the time." I was thinking about that, and decided it's actually pretty understandable. I have a very obsessive personality. And I don't like to try new things or take risks. I've been getting the same meal at Olive Garden for 10 years. I've been obsessed with Dr Pepper for 19 years. My closet is filled with grey and white striped clothing. Haha. I find one thing I like and stick with it for years. It's just how I roll.

3. You know how some bloggers have cutesy names for their kids to protect their identity? I tried once to call my girls Big L and Little L, but that was way too confusing. I decided this week, that an appropriate moniker for Lena would be The Leech. Haha. She's finally getting over her sickness, but still, by about 4:00 in the afternoon, she starts begging to be held. I got out the Ergo this week to see if that would pacify her, but she hated it. I usually spend 4:30-5:00 making dinner with her attached to my leg crying, "hooooold me!"

4. A couple weeks ago, while we were grocery shopping, we walked past an Easter display and Lucy said, "ooooh! Look at all the Easter stuff!" I nonchalantly asked her, "Why do we celebrate Easter?" She answered, "Because of the Easter bunny?" At least she had the decency to question it, but I about passed out in the yogurt aisle. I have failed as a Christian mother!! Haha. So this week, I was intentional about discussing the real meaning of Easter. We read Christ-themed Easter books, we did the Easter lesson in her Cubbies book, and we did this mini-resurrection eggs activity. (I actually hid the eggs around the house to make it more of a game. The girls loved it.)

5. We also dyed Easter eggs, which has nothing to do with the real meaning of Easter, but was just a fun family activity. Neither Justin nor I have ever dyed Easter eggs, so it was a new experience for us all! Lena lasted about 4 seconds, but Lucy was in her glories.

6. Something else new we tried this week was a chore chart. I've been meaning to make one for months, but finally got around to it.  I found a free printable via Pinterest, laminated it, and made up some daily chores for Lucy. She enjoys doing the easy ones (refilling the cats' water, brushing her teeth), but so far has avoided the harder ones (aka cleaning her room). I told her I'd pay her 10 cents for each chore she completes, so it's up to her how much she earns. I'm hoping after her first "paycheck," she'll have more incentive to do more chores. We're going to get all Dave Ramsey-esque and make her split her earnings into "spend," "save," and "give back to God." When I told her that, she said, "How am I going to give God money??" Haha. We had a little talk about the offering at church and giving to charities. She told me she's going to start saving for Disney World. One dime at a time . . .Haha.

7. I've been having some major baby fever lately. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and inadequate with the two kids I already have, I think I'm crazy for wanting to add more. But I realized recently that that's partially the reason I do want another one. I'm good at mothering a baby. I love being pregnant (at least for the first 30 weeks or so). I adore the newborn stage. I can do the rocking and snuggling and nursing. I love how babies stay in one spot when you set them down, how they don't disobey or talk back or require discipline. Babies are easy. You feed them, change them, bathe them, play a couple rounds of patty-cake and so-big, then put them down for a nap. Babies sleep like 20 hours a day. In my mind, they only get harder as they get older. There are so many decisions to make: Should I let them eat candy? Should I be teaching them more about the Bible? Where should we send them to school? Should I let them watch make-up tutorials on YouTube? Should I force them to do every chore on the chore list? Is it time to take away the Binky? Should I force the potty training? See what I mean? I want another baby so I can feel better about my parenting abilities. Haha. Logically, I know adding another one will only add to my feelings of inadequacy. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I seem to remember waking up a million times at night, being unbearably sleep deprived, listening to a baby scream for hours on end and not knowing what to do with her . . . But the bigger part of me remembers the chubby cheeks and soft skin and the way their hands are always clenched in fists. I remember them sleeping peacefully in the swing, snuggling against my chest after nursing, smiling up at me and cooing so sweetly. I'm in trouble . . .

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