Thursday, December 29, 2016

Levi: 10 Months

Levi is 10 months old today. I'm having a very hard time with this. The final vestiges of babyhood are slipping away, and I'm mourning the end of an era. Alas, here's what he's been up to this month:

The big news is that I'm pretty sure he's saying his first word: uh-oh! (That was Lena's first word too. I must say it a lot. Haha.) For a while, he's been mimicking it when someone else says it, but this week he's started to say it after throwing food on the floor or dropping his binky, so I think he means it!

He's also finally started to drink out of a cup a little bit. I got him some straw cups for Christmas and he has figured out that if he sucks on the straw, he gets some delicious juice (much diluted)! He still can't figure out any other kind of cup that he has to tip.

I've been working on getting him to eat more table food. He's tried lots of new things lately. He loved cheese roll-ups, blueberries, and chili. He tolerates carrots and peas. Sometimes he'll pick them up off his tray and eat them, but I usually have much more success spoon feeding it to him. He'll still eat any baby food I give him, so I try to get some veggies in him that way.
He loves pickles!

I'm trying to stretch his nursing sessions 4 hours instead of 3. As I give him more food, it's becoming easier. I know I started dropping feedings with Lucy at this age, but I don't think Levi is ready for that at all.

Sleep is still horrendous. He takes decent naps during the day. Usually 3, 1 hour naps. But he wakes up multiple times every night. I don't even keep track because it depresses me. I try not to nurse him unless it's been 3 hours since his last nursing session, but sometimes I'm too tired to care. Or I can't remember what time it was last time. Or Justin has to wake up for work at 4 in the morning and it's 3:30 and he just wants Levi to be quiet. Haha. I made Lena CIO at this age and really need to do the same for Levi. Justin might have to sleep on the couch for a week.

I forgot to update you on his reflux in the 9 month entry. Shortly before he turned 9 months, I started weaning him off the Zantac, so he was done with it by 9 months. He very rarely pukes anymore and is reflux free! Woohoo!

He's still not moving at all. He will roll around on my bed, but not the floor. He doesn't scooch or crawl or stand or really attempt to move at all. Haha. His doctor is ready to sign him up for early intervention/therapy, but I can't decide if I'm ready for that. Is there really anything wrong, or is he just taking his time?

He plays peek-a-boo, has started to figure out so-big, and loves to clap and point. I think he has great fine motor control for his age. He loves to pick up tiny things and is obsessed with finding zippers or strings on clothing. He also has a strange obsession with touching my eyelashes. Haha.

No new teeth - still just the bottom two, which is fine with me as long as he's nursing (and biting!).

He loves his grandma and expects her to pick him up anytime she walks by.

He likes to read books - especially ones with baby faces or touch and feel elements - but he also likes to try and kick the book out of my hands while I'm reading. He loves balls and his new truck that makes noise and lights up (and has a string to play with). He hates wearing a bib, having his hands washed or his nose wiped, and hates having his shirt put on or taken off.

Most of the time he is very chill, easy-going, and content. He's obviously a third-born and can go with the flow/isn't married to his routine. He still isn't showing nearly the amount of stranger-anxiety that the girls had. He'll let pretty much anyone hold him and likes anyone who talks to or plays with him. But he does love his mama, and he loves to snuggle. A couple weeks ago, I got into the bad habit of letting him sleep in bed with me when he wouldn't sleep in his own bed. Justin put the kabosh on that pretty quick, but I kind of enjoyed it while it lasted. He's just so warm and soft and snuggly. He loves to lay next to me and rest his face on mine. I love it.

We love him so much and are so thankful for him! I can't believe I'm only going to write one more of these before he'll be a year!!!

Here's a random (semi-long) video of him wherein I attempt to catch him saying "uh-oh." The best part is at the end, though, when the girls come in and he catches sight of them. :-)

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