Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. We had awful weather this week. Temps in the teens and single digits. Snow. The whole awful gamut. Lucy had a snow day on Monday thanks to this:

I put the girls to work since they were home and bored.

Levi's a freeloader, but he's cute!

I did have to bring Lucy to school the rest of the week, despite this:

2. On Tuesday I finally went to the doctor. This stupid cold is just not getting better and I feel like it's really settled into my chest. Sure enough: sinus infection and bronchitis. Blech. I've been on an antibiotic and steroids since then, but still don't feel like I'm making much progress. My cough is less intense, but it's still rattly and phlegmy. The girls are both still hacking, but Levi seems to be on the upswing, and Justin still hasn't gotten it. Oh the joys of winter!

3. Some of our fun Advent activities this week included setting the table with snowman plates for dinner:
And decorating cookies:
I didn't realize what an undertaking the whole cookie process was going to be. We started making them at 6:30, then had to decorate them and clean everything up. It was a two hour event!

4. Yesterday was our family Christmas with Justin's side of the family - both extended and immediate.(And the reason the Saturday 7 is a day late) We met the big family at a local college at 11:30, left there at 4, went straight to Justin's parents' and left there at 9:20! Long day! But so much fun. My girls adored playing with their girl cousins that they don't see very often, Justin played soccer and basketball with his cousins for hours, and I enjoyed stuffing my face, playing games, and chatting. Levi did amazingly well all day despite one, 20 minute nap. This is the only picture I took at the college:
Little stud in his Christmas shirt.
At Justin's parents' we got spoiled with more gifts, ate more delicious food, and played more games! My kind of day! I remembered to take pictures there.

5. Today was supposed to be another crazy day with church, program practice, and then the children's Christmas program tonight. But overnight a pipe burst in our church and flooded 75% of the building! They estimate that 10,000 gallons of water poured into the foyer and sanctuary! Needless to say this morning's service and tonight's program were cancelled. So we spent the morning in our pajamas putting together the girls' new Lego sets. Lucy spent a solid 3 hours building hers from start to finish!

6. When Justin's mom asks for our Christmas lists, I always ask for books. These are the ones I got this year:
Affiliate Link

Affiliate Link
I can't wait to dive into them!

7. A few more pictures from our week:
All bundled up to bring Lucy to school
Lena is surprisingly good at spreading frosting on cookies!
Lucy ate more than she decorated
I took this picture of Levi this week:

And immediately thought of this picture of my brother taken 27ish years ago:
No one knows how old Luke is in the picture. He was obviously fatter than Levi is, but is there some resemblance there? Other than the dopey open-mouthed stare? Lol.
I'm thinking more and more that Levi's eyes are going to go brown . . . or maybe be the weird green/brown/yellow thing Luke and I have.

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