Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Levi: 9 Months

I'm pretty sure I get later and later with these entries every month. Haha. Here's what the cutie patootie is up to this month:

Those constantly kicking legs . . .
And one with the bear . . . and horrible lighting . . .
He's been doing all kinds of fun new things lately. He loves to point:

He also loves to stick his finger in the holes in his binky - while it's in his mouth. Haha. 
He blows raspberries (and drools all over himself), claps his hands, claps his feet, plays peek-a-boo, and is still really trying to figure out the wave. He also plays the "night night" game: he lays his head down and we say, "Nigh night." Then he lifts his head up really quickly and grins as we say, "Wake up!"

He still kicks everything. It's a quirk he's had pretty much as long as he's been alive. Every time I hand him something, he puts it down to his feet and kicks it away. Even if it's a sweet little chick . . .

I've tried to be a little more adventurous with food. He's still by no means eating three meals a day, but we're getting there. Some new things he tried this month include: waffles, cheerios (his fave), cheese, orange slices, and pb&j. I've given him peas, but he just squishes them on his tray and picks around them if anything else is available. He's also had plenty of sweets and restaurant french fries too. #momwin

He's still nursing every 3 hours around the clock. But I'm trying to stretch his daytime feedings to every 4 hours by giving him more table food.

Not much has changed on the sleep front. Morning nap from 8:30-10, afternoon nap usually noon-1 or 2, evening nap if he feels like it. To bed around 8. Sometimes he wakes up every 3 hours, occasionally he stretches to 4 - almost never longer than that. The past few weeks when he's been sick, he's been waking up more like every 2 hours because he wakes up coughing and then won't go back to sleep without nursing. (Another #momwin) He usually wakes up around 6:30 most mornings.

The other big news is that he sprouted some teeth this month! I was shocked when I discovered the first one. 8.5 months is super early for my kids. Exactly one week later his second popped through.

He's been really sick the past few weeks. It started with a cough, moved on to congestion, started to clear up a little bit, then last weekend he came down with a fever and was incredibly miserable. I don't know if it was a virus, teeth, or a combination, but he was a wreck. He's still snotty and congested and has the occasional coughing fit. I'm so ready for him to be healthy again!!

At his 9 month doctor appointment, he weighed just over 16 lbs (3%) and measured 27" tall (6%). I've finally put away the 3 month clothes, but the 9 month clothes are too big. 6 months is perfect. Wearing size 2 diapers.

He loves baths, being outside, his sisters, watching tv, people, and snuggling.

We love our precious boy and can't wait for him to celebrate his first Christmas!

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  1. He's so cute! I can't believe he is only in the 3rd percentile for weight...I guess my babies have all been low in both as well & it just makes them look solid? I want to know where all the monster babies running around higher up on the charts are! Lol.


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