Saturday, March 18, 2017

Super Fast Saturday 7

1. I didn't read any books this week! I've been obsessed with watching Hawaii 5-0 on Netflix instead. As I texted my sister one day this week, Steve McGarrett is a beast and I love him. (And my husband kind of looks like him, so it's ok for me to say that.)

2. Lena had preschool testing this week. I didn't even know that was a thing. Is it like a pass/fail thing? Do you have to know stuff before you actually go to preschool? Isn't that what preschool is for? She was not happy about it and did not want to go until the morning of the testing. All of a sudden, she couldn't stop talking about how excited she was. When it came down to it, it took a tiny bit of coaxing to get her to go down the hall with the teacher (without me), but she did awesome. If I can ever get her potty trained, she is going to love school.

3. I got to catch up with some long lost friends on Tuesday. Kristy, Karen, and I have a tradition of meeting at El Burrito Loco a couple times a year to catch up. Kristy moved to Florida in September, but is home for Spring Break, so we revived the tradition. I polished off a serving of queso and a burrito and enjoyed talking about childbirth and potty training with good friends. #momlife

4. Levi was a disaster this week. After 5 days of the fever, it broke on Tuesday. He had a doctor appointment that day, where he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and slight bronchitis. The doctor also said he thinks he was recovering from influenza! Yikes! He got put on a strong antibiotic and we went on our merry way. He started feeling better after a couple days, but then he blew a blood vessel in his eye. It looks disgusting, but is harmless and will heal on its own. He's almost totally back to normal now. He has a lingering cough and a constantly crusted nose, but other than that, he's his happy self.

5. My mom came home from Florida this week after a month of vacation! We are all thrilled that she's home. I'm actually amazed at how much Levi remembered her. He's already back to following her around the house crying to be picked up. Haha.
The sign Lena made. 
My dad actually flew down to pick my mom up, and they drove my brother's car home . . . because he's moving home next week!!!! A week from today he and his wife will be headed back to Michigan soil where they belong! We're so excited!!!

6. We finally bit the bullet and put the girls together in one room this week. The first night, they didn't fall asleep until 10, and it hasn't gotten a ton better since then, but it's been a pretty easy transition. I'm giving them a week or two to settle in and get over the novelty of it before I move Levi up there. And I'm waiting for him to be healthy and back to sleeping through the night. And I'm waiting for the sadness of my baby moving upstairs to go away . . .

7. Pictures!
Before the antibiotics kicked in, this is how Levi played. He just sat by his toys and stared into space. Lol.
The blown blood vessel
Less creepy picture showing his eye
Reading her science book at KFC
Two sleepy boys watching basketball amid clean laundry

Lucy's sweet homework.

These are the moments. Even when Levi's sick and Lena's clingy, I love that they find comfort in me. I love that they're snuggly. I don't want to forget these days.

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