Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Saturday 7: Flu Edition

What a terrible, disgusting week.

1. The flu/stomach bug descended on our house on Sunday. We went to church as usual, spent our afternoon as usual, then I went to a movie with my sister. I got a text from Justin as I was leaving the theater that said, "Lucy just puked her guts out." It's not totally unusual for Lucy to puke just because she ate too much or coughed too hard, so I wasn't overly worried. But she puked again before I got home, and then for about every 20 minutes between 11 pm and 3 am. I finally brought her downstairs and let her sleep on the towel-covered couch. I curled up on the love seat and held the puke bucket under her chin every 20 minutes.

2. I was hoping Lucy got whatever Levi was recovering from and he'd be in the clear, but he threw up twice Sunday night and then a few more times throughout Monday and Tuesday. He handled the flu like a man, though, and acted like his normal self most of the week. Lucy, on the other hand, spent a few days like this:

She couldn't stay awake, had a fever for two days, and didn't eat for three days. Anytime she ate something other than popsicles or marshmallows, she puked it right back up. The poor girl always gets these bugs the worst. She missed Monday through Thursday of school.

3. I started to feel bloated and nauseous Monday evening, and was puking by 7:00. I can't remember the last time I threw up, but I'm definitely not a fan. I spent a few hours laying on the bathroom floor alternately trying not to pass out and hugging the toilet. Lucy was still puking, too, so we slept on the couches again, sharing the puke bucket. Of course she insisted on taking the full sized couch, so I had to squeeze onto the loveseat. My hips started hurting so bad I finally just slept on the floor (wrapped in an electric blanket because I was SO cold).

4. Lena didn't get it 'til Thursday, but she's the worst at making it to the toilet/puke bucket, so I did a lot of cleaning (and a middle of the night bath) with her. At one point, I thought, "I'm just going to wrap her bed in a plastic tablecloth and shove all her hair in a shower cap, so I can throw them away next time she pukes instead of picking half-chewed food out of her blankets and hair!"

5. Justin held out 'til Thursday night, but eventually succumbed. And Friday, I disinfected. That's it. That's all we did all week. Watched a lot of TV, laid on the couch moaning, puked and cleaned up puke, then started coughing. Everyone I've talked to has had the same experience: this stomach bug is either preceded or concluded by a cold/cough. Lucy and I are hanging on to our coughs of course, because that's how we roll. I was up 'til 2:30 am last night because I couldn't stop coughing long enough to fall asleep. But everyone else seems to be on the upswing. Here's hoping we never have to repeat this awful week!

6. One positive from this week: Lena is doing awesome with potty training. She wore undies all day for two days and even made a trip to Meijer today with undies. So we've pretty much crossed the undies hurdle. Now we just have to tackle using a public restroom, pooping on the toilet, and doing it all herself before she goes to preschool in the fall.

7. Our pathetic week in pathetic pictures:
My amazing mom went into work late on Tuesday so I could sleep for a while. So I was only alone with the kids for like 4 hours until Justin got home. The girls are pretty self-sufficient, and Levi was in a great mood - he just scooted around and played and I occasionally threw food to him on the floor. Haha.

Who looks this cute with a 102* fever?

I love those teeth.

And that dimple!

Finally some nice weather! We hit 60 on Friday and had some family outside time to get some much needed fresh air! (Lucy thought it was summer and broke out the shorts and tank top.)

Daddy photobomb

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