Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Reflections

I went to a baby shower recently where the women discussed how they could count on one hand how many times their husbands had given their kids baths or put them to bed by themselves or changed dirty diapers. And I realized anew how blessed and grateful I am for my husband.

Justin can (and does) do everything I do with the kids. He had almost no experience with babies before Lucy was born, but he learned as we went. He changed those gross dirty diapers in the hospital. When I cut Lucy's finger the first time I tried clipping her nails, he took over - and I haven't clipped any nails since then. He's always helped with baths, but when I was hugely pregnant with Levi he took over full time (I couldn't lean over the tub), and he still gives more baths than I do to this day!

We put the kids to bed together every night, but if ever I'm not home or not feeling well, he is 100% capable of doing it himself. He has his own songs he sings to the kids, he climbs in their beds and snuggles with them, he reads their bedtime stories and prays with them.

When we were in high school, before we were dating, I once overheard Justin say that he wouldn't be caught dead having a tea party with his future kids. Now, he probably drinks fake tea once a week!

He plays board games and paints nails and does hair and is better at dressing the kids than I am.

This morning I found a note that Lucy wrote him for Father's Day. It says this:
Thank you for being the most loveable, trustable, relieable, and niceist dad we could ever have! And congratulations for being the best dad in the world!
I couldn't have said it better myself. Happy Father's Day to my selfless, compassionate, loving husband. I wouldn't want to raise these wonderful, frustrating, amazing kids with anyone else!

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  1. All of these pictures are just precious. What a wonderful daddy and husband.

    I feel similarly blessed :)


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