Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. Lena and Levi had doctor appointments on Monday. Lena weighed in at 30 lbs and measured 39 inches. Levi was 20 lbs and 29 inches. Both tiny but growing on their own curve. Levi got one shot and didn't even cry! Lena had to get 3 shots and didn't cry either! My kids do not get their pain tolerance from me! Haha. The dr said it looks like Levi was just getting over an ear infection and told me to call her if he came down with a fever. He hasn't spiked a fever, but he's been acting weird all week. He went back to taking two naps a day, and has been clingy and whiny. Poor kid.

2. We had our appointment with Early On on Thursday. I was a little disappointed. The lady was fixated on getting Levi to crawl. I tried to tell her that he's so close to walking I think he's just going to skip crawling. But she insisted that crawling is an important developmental milestone and necessary for brain development. She was also really interested in his verbal development, which is not at all what I'm concerned about. He's a boy, a third child, and Lucy didn't talk 'til she was older either. But she wanted to see his tongue to make sure he wasn't tongue-tied, scolded me about his Binky usage, and gave me all kinds of helpful hints about naming objects and referring to myself as mama, and other stuff I obviously know after having two kids already.

3. This was our first week of summer vacation, so we started to implement some of our summer schedule. It was difficult because Lucy did art camp at school Tuesday through Thursday, so we couldn't do exactly what I planned. But the girls have been settling in to doing chores and they love checking the schedule to see what comes next all day. In an effort to reduce the amount of screen time they have, I decided to start reading to them during lunch. And in an attempt to broaden their horizons, I told them that I get to pick the book. They tolerated the first chapter of the first book, but it mysteriously disappeared. So then we started another one that they hated. Lucy cried the entire time I read. Finally, we got the first Little House on the Prairie book. They're not loving it (I don't blame them. It's kind of slow.), but they're tolerating it.

4. Part of our summer schedule is an attempt to do something fun together each day. I didn't do great with that this week, but we managed to do an easy craft and go to the library. And last night we had root beer floats and watched Trolls on Netflix.

5. I read a couple books this week: The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories (didn't really like it), Jane of Austin (liked it a lot), and A Twist of Faith (loved it). Lucy also spent most of the week reading. Anytime I wasn't entertaining her, she was reading. She discovered the Little Sister books (spinoff/younger version of the Babysitter's Club). The books are from the 80s and the cover art is epic. Lol.

She's also been really into Kylie Jean. She told me she read 6 books this week!

6. And in big news this week: Levi took his first real steps today! He's been taking a couple falling steps here and there, but today he suddenly took off! He went back and forth between Justin and me over and over and over for an hour. He was so excited and happy. It was adorable.

Lucy was excited too. Lol. 
7. A few more pictures.

Lena Snapchats. Lol.

That mischievous little face . . .

Elbow deep in goldfish.

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