Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 Weeks

Baby is the size of a banana this week.

How far along? 20 weeks - half way!

Total weight loss/gain: Didn't weigh myself this week. Appt. on Monday.
Maternity clothes? So sick of my 4 short-sleeved maternity shirts. My regular shirts are starting to look ridiculous. I started raiding Justin's t-shirt drawer, but then got in trouble for stretching out his shirts. So I guess it's back to those 4 same shirts - sorry if I appear to be wearing the same thing every time you see me.
Sleep: The night sweats are getting out of control. I'm going to drown in my sleep one of these days. And I noticed I sleep on my back 90% of the time. I can't help it! That's just how I end up.
Best moment this week: Noticing more movement.
Movement: Yep. Feeling flips and turns now too. It's still pretty low - well below my belly button. If the baby's so low, what is this huge belly I have? Haha.
Food cravings: Soup, sour candy.
Food aversions: Nothing.
Gender: Unknown for now. Ultrasound on Monday - 4 days!!
Labor Signs: I know Braxton Hicks aren't a true labor sign, but this is where I'm going write about them. We went to Justin's family's campsite on Sunday. There was this huge hill I had to keep walking up and down. Definitely noticed the BH then! 
Belly Button in or out? Out
What I miss: My sciatic nerve not hurting. 
What I am looking forward to: The big ultrasound!! Other people being able to feel the baby move. The chiropractor fixing my sciatic pain?

Milestones: Making it half way!

Here's a little TMI note I want to record: my boobs are still ridiculously sore! They stopped hurting at 18 weeks with Lucy. What's the hold-up this time? I guess if it's because they're growing, I'll allow it. :-)

I can not wait for my ultrasound on Monday. The suspense is killing me!!! I know I said a couple weeks ago that I've started to think it's a boy, but I've gone back to thinking it's a girl. Haha. I'll be really shocked if it's a boy. Watch - after all this anticipation, the baby will be curled up in a ball and we won't even be able to find out. Haha. I might drink a little pop before the u/s to get the baby moving. ;-) The good news is things have changed since my ultrasound with Lucy. I only have to drink 16 oz. of water instead of 32. I'm worried enough about drinking 16 without peeing my pants. Haha.

Well I'll be back in 4 days with the big reveal! Stay tuned! :-)


  1. Yay for halfway!! Ugh I hated sweating. I had the air turned down and still slept on top of the covers most nights while Rocky froze. And I ended up on my back a lot too -- towards the end I'd wake up and not be able to take a full breath 'cause the baby was squishing my insides... :-P I don't remember how much I had to drink... but I know I was dying to pee when the ultrasound was over! Oh and I've heard drinking orange juice as your "liquid" is supposed to be good at making baby move a lot. Can't wait to hear on Monday!!

  2. Yay half way! I can't wait for your ultrasound! I never had to drink water with any of mine (all 10 of them or whatever). Weird. Anyway, I hope everything goes smoothly and Baby cooperates!!

  3. I'm looking forward to the big reveal.:) Will you eventually change the name of this blog to "Lovin' Life with Lucy & ______"?



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