Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. This was my first full week "at home." I think I've started to settle into a little bit of the routine I crave so much. I made myself a weekly chore list. Bathrooms on Monday, Vacuuming on Tuesday, etc. And I try to do a load of dishes and laundry every day, plus have the house totally cleaned up before I go to bed every night. I'm loving how clean my house is! Plus, I've really been trying to do my devotions every night after Justin and Lucy go to bed, and still get to bed myself at a decent time. As much as I'm loving it, though, we've only got enough saved to live about one more month without my income. I'm really trying not to stress about it . . .

2. Lucy and I went to storytime at the Kent City library on Wednesday. We always went to the one at the Rockford library with Chase and Lyla. Lucy loves it and I was ready to get out of the house by Wednesday. It was a very nostalgic experience for me. My dad used to take us there every Saturday. We knew the "library ladies" by name, and always got huge stacks of books. I'm pretty sure we kept that library in business thanks to all the fines we paid. Haha. They didn't have storytime when I was a kid, and they have all new library ladies, but they have the exact same step-stool I used to climb up to check out my books. Lucy marched right up it and I got a little choked up. Haha. Yes, I'm obviously pregnant.

3. One of the books I randomly grabbed for Lucy while we were there is Llama Llama Red Pajama. I've seen the Llama Llama books around, but never actually read one. It was so cute!! And I'm a sucker for clever rhymes. Lucy loves it too. She always asks me to read the "llama llama book." I love the way she says it. :-) I'm excited to go back to the library and get some more in the series.

4. As I'm writing this, Lucy is snuggled up next to me on the couch in her flannel Elmo pajamas (woohoo! cooler weather!) with a "hospital pink" puke bucket on her lap. :-( I do not know what is going on with her lately. On Monday, she started crying at 6:45 am. Justin went in there to find that she had puked clear liquid all over the place. We cleaned her up, put her back to bed, and she did it again at 7:30. During her afternoon nap that day, she puked up everything she'd eaten for lunch. But she's been fine since then. No fever, eating normally, etc. Then this morning, at 6:30 she puked up a bunch of clear liquid again! She wouldn't go back to sleep this time, so Justin sat and rocked with her, whereupon she puked again. I'm confused by the fact that it's clear liquid. She's not puking up food that upset her belly. She doesn't have a cold or cough or anything that would make her puke mucous. I'm stumped. So in the meantime, she says "Need puke bucket!" every time her belly hurts. My poor 2 year old knows what the puke bucket is. Haha.

5. In more exciting news, the potty training is going very well! It's been 9 days since I really started putting her in undies as often as possible, and she's really getting the hang of it. On Thursday she only had one accident, and yesterday she had none!! I do put her in a diaper during naptime, and she wakes up pretty soaked, but other than that she's doing amazingly well! Once in a while she tells me she has to go, but I usually just ask her whenever I think of it and she'll go in and go. So exciting!

6. I've been feeling bad about being home full time and not doing anything "crafty" with Lucy. Pinterest has been inspiring me . . . or maybe just making me feel guilty . . . to get out the gluestick and start making masterpieces. So yesterday I found some brown paper lunch sacks, markers, glue, and cotton balls and let her go to town. She absolutely loved it. She made 3 puppets, then moved on to regular paper where I drew the outline of a sheep and let her glue cotton balls to it. It was a good reminder for me that I don't have to get all "Pinteresty" and creative with crafts for a 2 year old. She was thrilled with the basic stuff I've had in my "craft box" for years.

7. So I've been thinking about chopping off all my hair. I do this every few years - grow my hair out really long, get sick of it, and cut it all off. And every time I tell myself I'm not going to cut it that short again. But then I start running out of ideas to do with my long hair, and start finding pictures of my hair looking cute when it was shorter, and thinking about how much less time it would take to blow dry. Plus, I think it's long enough this time that I could donate it to Locks of Love. It grows so fast, it'll be long again in no time. Hmmm . . . considering it.

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  1. I love rhyming books too and Abby has Llama Llama. :) I went to the library weekly as a kid and all the library ladies knew me well. :) We're getting that way with the Belding library now too, although we're not going in weekly since they're in the break between summer and school-year kids programs.

    Awesome job on the potty training!! Abby has gone on the potty once. Only once. There are other times I'll know she needs to go, so we'll sit in there and read books together until Ellie gets fussy and as soon as Abby gets back in a diaper she goes. :-/ I put her in undies one morning and 2 minutes later was cleaning a puddle off the floor. Sigh. I really wish we'd accomplished it before Ellie came along...

    I've been growing my hair out, mostly because I've been too lazy to go get it cut but also because I think people with long hair look thinner. ;-) So that's helping my post-pregnancy self esteem right now! I've definitely been considering something short and simple though too...


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