Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm going to tell you a secret.

Justin was never that interested in my pregnancies. Sure, he came to the ultrasounds and put his hand on my belly when I said, "She's kicking!" But he wasn't the type to talk to my belly or insist I cut out caffeine (thank goodness!). I've heard it said that a mother becomes a mother the second she sees that positive pregnancy test, but a father becomes a father when he has the baby in his arms.

There was almost a visible change when Justin first laid eyes on Lucy. This picture sums it up for me:

It is amazing to see how much he loves his girls. He's said before that the best part of his day is getting home and Lucy running to him, crying, "Daddy!" I love to see him do all the girly activities with Lucy - things he swore he'd never do, like tea parties, dance parties, and pretend weddings.

I love his gentle way with Lena, and the sweet things he whispers to her when he thinks I'm not listening. :-)

I love how he includes Lucy in his activities, and is so excited to teach her to fish and play basketball and soccer.

When I was pregnant with Lena, someone asked him if he wanted a boy or a girl. He answered, "If you would've asked me before Lucy, I would've said 'boy,' but now I know how much I can love a girl."

Happy Father's Day, Justin. We love you so much!

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